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Candy recipes require adjustments for high altitudes

0 - Tue, Aug 4, 2015

High-altitude adjustment for homemade marshmallows requires the use of a candy thermometer. First, test the temperature at which water boils at your altitude. Then reduce the finish cooking temperature by the difference between the temperature of...

Kraft recalls cheese slices for choking risk
0 Yesterday

The Kraft Heinz Co. is voluntarily recalling about 36,000 cases of Kraft Singles cheese products because some of the packaging film may stick to...

Some maple sap headed from tree tap to beer tap
By MICHAEL HILL The Associated Press 0 Mon, Aug 3, 2015

The maple sap bubbling away in Ron Davis' upstate New York sugar house is destined for pancakes, waffles, sweets and - for years now - beer...

Colorado Springs chef turns mountain fine dining eatery into a distillery offering smoked meats
By: Teresa Farney 0 Thu, Jul 30, 2015

Victor Matthews is never at a loss of ideas for starting new projects or repurposing old concepts. Such is the case for his new Black Bear Distillery...

Pikes Pub: Blue moon the perfect occasion to celebrate with a beer
By: Tom Roeder 0 Wed, Jul 29, 2015

If you only drink once in a blue moon, Friday is your day.

July 31 brings the second full moon of the month, a phenomenon called a blue moon....

Colorado Springs area cooking classes and events starting July 29, 2015
By Carlotta Olson 0 Wed, Jul 29, 2015




The Cañon City Queen Anne Tea House - 813 Macon Ave., Cañon City. Registration: 275-5354. - Homemade...

Don't let corn be a summer sideshow. Grill it for a salad!
By ELIZABETH KARMEL The Associated Press 0 Mon, Jul 27, 2015

The two most common side dishes at a barbecue are coleslaw and potato salad. But as much as I love those, I firmly believe it's time for corn salad...

Traditional matcha tea gets whirled, dusted, infused in US
By CHRISTINE ARMARIO The Associated Press 0 Mon, Jul 27, 2015

More than a thousand years ago, Buddhist monks in Japan began a daily ritual of grinding green tea leaves into powder, mixing it into hot water with...

Embracing a new grain for a fresh take on bibimbap bowls
By MELISSA D'ARABIAN The Associated Press 0 Tue, Jul 28, 2015

Bibimbap is incredibly trendy in urban centers right now. If you're not familiar with it, you'll want to be.

Bibimbap is a Korean rice bowl -...

Colorado Springs area beer related events starting July 29,2015
By Carlotta Olson 0 Wed, Jul 29, 2015



Great Divide Brewing Co. Tap Room Tours - 3 p.m., 4 p.m. and 5 p.m....

LIST: Farmers markets in the Colorado Springs area
0 Sat, Jul 25, 2015

A look at farmers markets in the Colorado Springs area:


- Spencer's Lawn & Garden Center, 1430 S. Tejon St., 9 a.m. to 5:30...

Popular downtown Colorado Springs bagel restaurant to close - for now
By: Vallari Gupte 0 Fri, Jul 24, 2015

A longtime downtown Colorado Springs bagel and coffee shop that has been a popular place to grab a quick snack, breakfast or lunch will temporarily...

Colorado Springs garden center offers samples of roasted chilies
By: Teresa Farney 0 Thu, Jul 23, 2015

It's getting close to chili-roasting time. Alice Robinson, who with her husband, Dan, owns Spencer's Lawn and Garden Centers, 1430 S. Tejon St., is...

Dining Review: Cajun finds a home in Manitou; you may find decadence
By Robin Intemann 0 Thu, Jul 23, 2015

The availability of crawfish at BooDad's Louisiana Cafe's menu started a discussion about the tiny crustaceans that went from nostalgic to...

Gear review: offers an outdoorsy surprise in every box
By: Kassondra Cloos 0 Thu, Jul 23, 2015

I am a sucker for free trials and surprises. Unfortunately for me, Facebook knows this. It's always promising fun surprises in my mailbox and I am...

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