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Life: Food

Colorado Springs diners are snapping up pumpkin spice everything including lattes

Thu, Oct 8, 2015 - 11:50 AM 0

It's October, and everything is coming up pumpkin spice. You name it and food designers have added the fall seasoning to it. Think yogurt,...

News: Local News

One Colorado city ranks as No. 1 most sexually active city in US

Wed, Oct 7, 2015 - 1:46 PM 0

A new study by QualityHealth ranks the 10 most sexually active cities in the country, and a few may surprise you. Assumed “sin cities”...

Life Headlines
Colorado looking at boosting deer populations; one animal is in the crosshairs
By: Lance Benzel - 0 5 hr ago

Mountain lions are in the crosshairs of a plan to boost mule deer populations near Salida.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is looking to increase...

Blog: $5 yoga classes (and beer next door)
By: Jen Mulson - 0 5 hr ago

Who likes the sound of $5 yoga classes?

I do, I do!

As you are probably aware, going to a yoga class isn't cheap, unless it's included...

Zip line popularity soars along with injuries, study finds
By: - 0 6 hr ago

Injuries from zip line accidents have soared along with the popularity of an activity that hurtles riders through the air, sometimes at dizzying...

LIST: 52 Halloween and seasonally-themed events in and around Colorado Springs
By: - 0 9 hr ago

From now through Oct. 31, the Gazette will be listing Halloween and seasonal events in the GO! print section each Friday. Below you'll find the...

Rider in residence: Colorado Springs Utilities fights back in debate over public access to trails
By: Lance Benzel - 0 9 hr ago

Did your humble scribe err by rolling with a politician's demand that Colorado Springs Utilities "get with the program" and raise its gate at Moraine...

Colorado Springs area To Do Today calendar for Oct. 8, 2015
By: - 0 Thu, Oct 8, 2015


Elephant & Piggie's "We are in a Play!" - 6 p.m., Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, 30 W. Dale St., $20;...

Hush puppies: Vet says music cuts shelter barking and stress
By: - 0 Thu, Oct 8, 2015

Can music tame the savage beast? Can it hush puppies and calm kitties?

A veterinarian thinks so. Dr. Pamela Fisher has put music in more than...

Colorado Springs area outdoor events starting Oct. 8, 2015
By: - 0 Thu, Oct 8, 2015




Nature programs at Mueller State Park - 21045 Colorado 67, Divide. Day pass $7/vehicle; 687-2366. - Wolves,...

Colorado Springs area pet adoption fairs and events starting Oct. 8, 2015
By: - 0 Thu, Oct 8, 2015


9-Lives Rescue Inc. - For cats and kittens, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday, PetSmart, 2965 New Center Point; 591-4640;...

Defining ambiguous sex as rape
By: - 0 Yesterday

Just a few days after my column discussing how rape accusations are rarely as black and white as some would have it, Carol Tavris publishes a...

Local woman defeats breast cancer with optimism and family, healthcare support
By: - Yesterday

Growing up, Linda Sanders saw physicians detect tumors in her mother’s breasts multiple times. Thankfully, each tumor was benign, but the memories left...

AROUND TOWN: A Goodwill Enchanted Evening hosted by Jeff and Cindy Smith
By: Linda Navarro - 0 Wed, Oct 7, 2015

More than 300 guests answered the invitation for an "Enchanted Evening" touring the sparkling new and grandly expansive home of Classic Homes' Jeff...

Pikes Pub: Craft beer, meet craft cider
By: Stephanie Earls - 0 Yesterday

Growing up in a family with roots still firmly planted in the British Isles, Julie Troudt developed a taste for hard cider, the alcohol drink made...

Film about disappearance of legendary Colorado Springs mountain biker coming to Colorado College
By: Stephanie Earls - 0 Yesterday

Colorado Springs native Mike Rust was a pioneer in the sport of mountain biking, a scrapper-philosopher who loved the outdoors and envisioned...

Colorado Springs area cooking classes and events starting Oct. 7, 2015
By: - 0 Wed, Oct 7, 2015




Chefs Outlet Store - 4697 Centennial Blvd. Classes are 6-8 p.m. unless noted. Registration:...

Boo at the Zoo creates frightfully fun Halloween for all ages
By: - 0 Tue, Oct 6, 2015

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo will come alive with Halloween spirit when thousands of little princesses and pirates attend Boo at the Zoo, the region’s...

Mobile mammography lab to visit downtown Colorado Springs for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
By: - 0 Tue, Oct 6, 2015

Colorado Springs women over age 40, if you haven't yet scheduled your yearly mammogram, you'll be able to get one on the go downtown on Monday, Oct....

Colorado fishing report for Oct. 6-12, 2015
By: - 0 Tue, Oct 6, 2015

Fishing report


Metro Denver Area​

Aurora Reservoir - Trout fishing from shore is rated as fair to good. Boaters...

Healing Touch can help reduce pain in cancer patients and others
By: Jen Mulson - 0 Tue, Oct 6, 2015

When a traumatic cycling accident left Michael Haubert with a broken femur, he turned to a form of healing many might not be aware of - Healing...

Colorado Springs area beer related events starting Oct. 7, 2015
By: - 0 Wed, Oct 7, 2015



Great Divide Brewing Co. Tap Room Tours - 3 p.m., 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. Mondays-Fridays, 2 p.m., 3 p.m., 4...

A simple Cuban marinade can add big punch to easy oven fries
By: - 0 Wed, Oct 7, 2015

Most of the foods we eat pass our lips and leave not even a fleeting memory. Most foods.

But then there are those that linger not only on our...

A bit of acid and fat do wonders to amp the flavor of fish
By: - 0 Wed, Oct 7, 2015

Given how quickly it cooks, fish stands out as the perfect candidate for a weeknight meal, especially in the fall with the resurgence of...

Don't get drunk: advice college kids may not get from docs
By: - 0 Tue, Oct 6, 2015

CHICAGO - Government researchers say "deplorably" few college students are warned by doctors about the danger from alcohol and drugs or encouraged to...

Easy breakfast bowls are another reason to cook up quinoa
By: - 0 Tue, Oct 6, 2015

I apologize if you've heard this from me before, but I must once again urge you to cook up a huge batch of quinoa and keep it in your fridge (or...

Colorado Springs area To Do Today calendar for Oct. 6, 2015
By: - 0 Tue, Oct 6, 2015


Southern Colorado Manufacturing Expo - 9 a.m.- 2 p.m., Mortgage Solutions Financial Expo Center, 3650 N. Nevada Ave., free...

Colorado Springs area wellness events starting Oct. 6, 2015
By: - 0 Tue, Oct 6, 2015


Health Notes appears on a space-available basis, free for nonprofits. Listings appear at the discretion of The Gazette. Send...

Normalizing death through home funerals around Colorado Springs
By: Jen Mulson - 0 Mon, Oct 5, 2015

It always seems to take us by surprise when a human body throws off its mortal coil.

And in the wake of death, families more often than not...

AROUND TOWN: CC students create a food rescue nonprofit to fight hunger
By: Linda Navarro - 0 Mon, Oct 5, 2015

Colorado College students on bikes, towing little trailers, on a special rescue mission. That mission: "A Fresh Way to Fight Hunger, Feed the Hungry,...

The Country Life: Dumb bunnies, stubborn mules and more lessons
By: Bill Radford - 0 Mon, Oct 5, 2015

Three years ago this month, my wife and I moved to a little house on the prairie, beginning our country adventure.

It's been a learning...

Think Pink: Former Penrose nurse celebrates 5 years cancer free
By: - 0 Mon, Oct 5, 2015

Join us for Think Pink!

The Gazette is partnering with title sponsor Penrose-St. Francis Breast Care Center and ribbon sponsors Peak Vista...

Life: Health

New fitness center to open this fall and supplement with high-end EXOS technology

Tue, Oct 6, 2015 - 11:06 AM

Life: Travel

Safe and clean transportation options keep Springs seniors healthy and independent

Thu, Oct 1, 2015 - 10:08 AM