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LETTERS: Too many TV commercials; speak out about oxygen abuse

By: Gazette readers
June 7, 2017 Updated: June 7, 2017 at 5:05 am

Constant commercials ruin news

Re: TV commercials. Television stations are paid for showing commercials, and I know the cost is expensive. But why is the same thing shown more than four times in a 30- minute news slot?

I want to see the news, not some lawyer because he has helped a person who was hit from behind on Highway 50 or someone has run a red light.

I am 93, a World War II vet and not interested in how much money these people collected. There are some of these commercials that have been on the air for over three years, and it seems the number is increasing. I do record the news and can fast forward through the commercials, but in 30 minutes I lose interest in watching the news on television.

Ted Langowski

Colorado Springs

A much greater force of nature

Too often two different things are grouped under one main category. One of them might be true and the other one not true. This is the case of the current "climate change" hysteria - it is has been rolled up into a ball that includes both climate change and environmental protection. You must know that climate change is the warming or cooling of the earth's atmosphere and environmental protection is the cleaning of the atmosphere in a local or national area.

Man has and can clean up the air in many places and hopefully, the big polluters will be able to do that soon for the benefit of their citizens. But that is not climate change, which is a much greater force of nature and for which man can do little or nothing. My point of proof for this statement is the ice cap which covered much of North America including the Midwest over a long period. Then guess what happened about 11,000 years ago - the ice cap started melting and has continued to do so since. This change was caused by a force of nature - global warming - and was not and is not caused by pollution of mankind. All the efforts of this current scam will have very little effect on the forces of nature that cause global warming.

Lowell Bohn

Colorado Springs

A self-defeating system

A family member suffered a traumatic brain injury in an auto accident for which he held no responsibility. Subsequently, there was early onset dementia and very poor decision making that led to an automobile accident that led to Pueblo State hospital, via the prison system. During this time the power of attorney raided his Social Security payments and sold all of the assets ($650K) and relocated to another state where four pieces of rental property were purchased.

In checking with local authorities, I was informed that they do not have the finances or personnel to pursue financial crimes. We consulted an attorney and were informed that for justice to be served we would have to initiate the process on our own and there would be a $5,000 retainer and no guarantee of results. These funds were simply not available. So now, my family member will be on Medicaid until the end of life ($2,500+/mo), for which the general public will now be responsible and the only people who come out ahead are the criminals.

Does anyone else beside me see something wrong with this picture? How many others are in the same situation? Ultimately, we all lose except the criminals. Is this not a self-defeating system?

Pat Foltz

Colorado Springs

I've survived the doom and gloom

Having lived many decades through numerous doom and gloom predictions, apparently I shouldn't still be here.

Being raised in the vicinity of the Drake power plant (prior to the many improvements), I have been subjected to secondhand smoke, a coal-fired furnace, vehicles using leaded gas and no catalytic converters, and more.

I remain free of asthma and heart disease. Now I am supposed to really fear President Donald Trump's decision to leave the Paris Climate Accord?

I am more concerned with the hysterical insanity so prevalent these days.

Joan Jessop

Colorado Springs

Time to speak out about distributors

It's time for us the weak to forcibly speak out! Too many oxygen and CPAP companies are playing God with the lives of those who need help breathing. Why? I do not know! Except it might give them the illusion of power to make customers wait a month or more before giving them oxygen.

There are invisible and changing hoops for doctor and patient to jump through. There are only about three or four oxygen distributors in most states. This gives them a monopoly, to make patients wait two to six months.

One place to speak out is in the courts. Right now, there is no penalty for oxygen companies to arbitrarily deny service, Except "unfair trade." File a case. Speak out! Call on your U.S. representatives to make such illegal.

Jan Hoag

Colorado Springs

The truth is somewhere in between

Regarding The Gazette's Viewpoint, "Trump's 'racist' move may end life on Earth" (June 4), the left-wing's so-called apocalyptic messaging and the right-wing's denials of the same issue are both unreasonable.

The truth is in between. Sadly, our president's credibility drops with every tweet and lie he issues, so anything he says about climate change or global warming is without merit. Anything that unites our world is not necessarily "fecklessly political" because this is a global problem.

I do not agree that our country "had no chance of meeting promises set forth in the accord" nor do I agree that Colorado's clean power mandates have done irreparable harm. Reuters (June 2) wrote that the world's biggest carbon dioxide polluters were China, No. 1 with 10,357 million metric tons a year, and the United States, No. 2 with 5,414 million metric tons of carbon dioxide pollution per year.

Anything that cleans up the air and water we depend upon for life is a good thing, and the Paris accord is a good step in the right direction for us all. Armageddon may not be dawning; however, with a world population of 7.5 billion and rising, we must pay attention to our impact on the only home in the universe we have.

Neil L. Talbott

Colorado Springs

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