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LETTERS: Stop texting and educate yourself; passing on the debt

By: Letters
March 27, 2014 Updated: March 27, 2014 at 9:05 am

Stop texting and educate yourself

"Historic Craftwood Inn in Manitou Springs closes, victim of recent fires and floods", says Teresa Farney. Hooey! The reason that fewer citizens as of late have been able to enjoy this local icon is our stinking economy, and after more than 5 years of the current federal administration (i.e., Barack Obama) no one could be more responsible for that dismal current state of affairs.

Hard working Americans of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and their communities, who are not continually tyrannized bounce back stronger than ever from such temporary setbacks. That is who we are and it is long past time for us to reclaim that heritage and identity as our own.

Let's be honest, the oppressive governments of our world regularly cause more destruction and human misery than any accumulation of natural disasters. If you are not sure of that fact, for crying out loud stop texting for two minutes and go educate yourself! Instead of having funds available to support a local taxpayer and employer we are forced to send them to Washington, D.C., one of the wealthiest locales in the entire world, where the officials we elect to represent us use our misappropriated resources to further entrench their redistributive, self-serving and parasitic malignancy that afflicts us, and worst of all whose misguided policies stand to propagate entire generations that know nothing of the life, liberty, and ability to pursue happiness which are our rights.

Tom Jennings, Colorado Springs


Nation's debt will be passed on

Our grand/great-grand children are going to ask, "Grampy-grammy, why did you do this to us?" They'll be talking about our nation's debt passed on to them. How could this happen to a great nation such as ours? The answer lies with gutless politicians who care more about getting re-elected than about what is best for our country.

How do we get out of the mess we are in? Not by taxing the rich (or the poor). Two actions need to be taken. First, the size and cost of the federal government must be reduced. Agencies, which have proven to be of little benefit, must be abolished. Department of Education, Department of Energy, Department of Commerce, and others fall into this category. Also agencies such as the Federal Highway Administration that spends billions passing federal gas tax money back to states from whom it is collected. Eliminate the federal gas tax and have the states collect the money.

Second, economic growth must be encouraged by elimination of many federal governmental regulations that are blocking the full development of our energy resources. Despite what some shallow sighted letter writers are saying about new coal mines, coal and natural gas offers us the opportunity to develop energy exporting industries that would solve our problem with balance of payments to foreign countries and create thousands of good paying jobs. There are many ways to eliminate dusty roads, and I have yet to see a train trailing a cloud of dust. Approve the Keystone Pipeline!

Voting true conservatives into political offices will restore the greatness of our country.

Dick Prosence, Meeker


Indoor shooting facility will be safe

In the recent article "Colorado Springs City Council denies appeal to halt indoor shooting range," by Monica Mendoza, many people voiced their concern over the idea of building an indoor shooting facility in Colorado Springs. Even though building an indoor shooting facility is very uncommon, it is a safe idea for Colorado Springs.

Danger: This is the number one word people associate with shooting. Some people think of death and violence as soon as the word "gun" is mentioned. For these people, thinking of guns in a neighborhood environment would be appalling. However, this new Majestic Mountain Range will be incredibly safe. The building itself will be fitted with thick concrete walls and an insulated steel frame, protecting against stray bullets from exiting through the walls. The building will also include classrooms, allowing for the proper safety education of gun safety.

Also, nonmembers will not be allowed into this new facility. In order to become a member, shooters will have to pass strict safety checks and evaluations. Stringent government guidelines will be followed at all times in this new facility, as the company's liability could be damaged if they are not followed.

And finally, guns can bring danger, but they also bring safety. Why does the military carry around guns? Why do the security guards at schools carry them around? It is for their, as well as other people's, protection. Guns possess power. Indeed, this power can be used for bad intentions, but it can also be used for good intentions.

It is clear that this new shooting facility will be very safe. No one needs to worry about being in danger as this new company will do everything to remain safe.

Ethan Slater, Colorado Springs


'Improvements' could be detrimental

I believe that the current recreational land use plan of the Bear Creek watershed is beneficial and symbiotic to the cutthroat trout. Despite individuals and agencies best intentions, the very acts of "improvement" to the area, in my opinion, will be detrimental to the habitat of the trout. Activities such as dredging to develop pools and waterfalls, cutting into the riparian steam areas, using hydraulic and motorized devices such as bobcats and tampers as well as manual shoveling and picking will increase sediment into the creeks, raise water temperature and have a negative effect on the fish.

The very shallow black topsoil around the steam is held mainly by the roots of the grasses and cutting new trails and having many individuals working this area will destabilize the soil and increase the potential for sedimentation into the creek. There is a reason the fish have existed in this area for years and the variables of food supply and habitat are not well understood but appear to be beneficial and favorable for this fish. I believe that Alternative A, with the exception of reopening High Drive, is the best option. The heavy equipment, vehicle traffic and activity to repair the flood damaged road may increase stress and sediment in the area and damage the stable environment which the fish have existed in for years.

Jim Heidelberg, Colorado Springs

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