Good science not a single event

The Saturday Jan. 4 editorial that the blizzard in the Antarctic that trapped a Russian research vessel was inconsistent with global warming hypothesis was an example of opinion makers practicing the poor "good science" they criticize. One data point or one weather event does not make a scientific conclusion. Ecosystems, weather systems and climate systems are too complex to be predicted by a single event.

Good science needs at least 30 data points to begin to become credible on small-scale ecosystems, like a river. In climate change theory, even that 30 data points is likely insufficient, because climate change by definition is an interpretation of weather systems over hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Multiple data points reflecting the variable nature of weather and climate are necessary to find statistical trends. Good science is practiced by scientific websites that are far more measured and cautious in conclusions than that demonstrated by The Gazette opinion. One website notes that the Antarctic has warming and ice loss in parts of the continent while other parts have growing ice fields. It is defined as a complex system. The balance of the system may be shifting. It takes research vessels to venture there to obtain data over many years to begin to see trends. Is it melting in one area at a faster rate than snow and ice accumulation elsewhere? The Gazette needs to support good science, by its own practice of it.

Tad Foster, Colorado Springs


Manitou meters and marijuana

Wow Manitou! We've lived here for about seven years and have always enjoyed our time shopping and browsing in Manitou Springs. Whether it was just a spontaneous trip or taking out-of- town guests, it was always a fun, enjoyable experience. However, your new parking meters put a damper on our spontaneous visits.. yes, if we plan to be there for a longer period, we can go to the $5 lots.

But your parking meters will put a damper on our quick trips to grab lunch and shop for an hour, but now if you consider legalizing recreational marijuana - we will cease coming to Manitou.

What a charming eccentric town you've been - don't know what kind of folks you are trying to attract, but it won't be a lot of us locals. I don't want to breathe cigarette smoke, and I surely don't want to be breathing marijuana smoke (or yes, I know it's not supposed to be done in public - but who's going to enforce it!) . guess you will only want potheads that don't mind paying for parking as they'll be too stoned to care.

Sue Gorden, Colorado Springs


Continued degradation of society

Thanks for helping to take away the drive and initiative for self-improvement by providing an escape from reality. Thanks for making us the laughingstock of our enemies abroad. Thanks for giving employers one more thing to check regarding their employees and for helping detract new businesses from locating in Colorado. Thanks for helping promote the growth of drug testing facilities and the legal profession. Thanks for helping promote the growth of substance abuse facilities and the eventual start of "MA" (marijuana anonymous). Thanks for helping those recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction with a legal alternative to getting high. Thanks for adding to TSA's responsibilities at the airports.

Above all, thanks for promoting the continued degradation of our society. One can only surmise that you must have either been high when you voted or didn't know how to think this one all the way through. "Clouded" judgment maybe?

Richard Muegge, Colorado Springs


Time for a revolution in country

Everyone keeps talking about the inequality between the rich and the poor. The president says we need to raise the minimum wage to help combat it, the Republicans say it's bad for business. Our elected officials keep raising our taxes for one thing or another. They all say they are going to fix the ails of our country. Yet really they are what ails our country, they are the rich they are the ones reaping the benefit of this great inequality. When will the madness end? The French got it right once in the past. How, you ask, they rolled out the guillotines and lobbed of the heads of the rich. I think it is about time the corrupt were brought to their knees and forced to await the steel blade of poverty's justice. It is time we stood up to the hypocrisies that have ruined this great country and brought us to our knees.

Yes, yes I am talkin' 'bout a revolution! Electing someone to take the place of those who just suck us dry won't fix a thing, we just replace one rich bourgeois for another. No poor working Joe can run for office, that's a lie, you already need to be rich to gain that type of power, whether at city, state or federal level.

The people that run our country and our corporations, for the most part, have never had to live in the real world. They come from money and are schooled on how to make more, plain and simple. It is time for a changing of the guard. It is time to take back what is rightful yours, freedom from oppression and freedom to be happy that what you've earned is yours to keep. Our monies, our freedoms and our lives are not for someone else to take from us to line their greedy pockets.

Robert Thew, Colorado Springs