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LETTERS: Like lunch line bullies; more socialistic programs

By: Letters
March 26, 2014 Updated: March 26, 2014 at 7:45 am

Just like lunch-line bullies

The commute home on U.S. 24 has a small bottleneck. If like most of us you concede the change to one lane, it will be a delay of 5-10 minutes and it is not that bad. However, just like the bully in the school lunch line, there are always the people who are more important zooming up in the open lane passing hundreds of us poor, lost sheep and then causing much longer delays because, now, they have to weasel their way into the single lane.

I say stop letting them into the lane. I teach my kids it is a dog-eat-dog world, but things like common courtesy still exist. That is the only reason these bullies are getting their way. To avoid anger and road rage, they are let back in the proper lane. The problem is that when you make this trip everyday, you find that these morons who love making a virtue out of stupidity actually get upset and flip you off if you don't immediately let them back in the single lane.

I say enough is enough, let them wait until they start getting the message. Only by all of us making it really hard on these bullies will they get the message.

Patrick Higgins, Colorado Springs


There are unintended consequences

The new marijuana laws are shortsighted. With every law passed, whether it's pot laws, gun laws, abortion laws or health care laws, there are unintended consequences that go far beyond what the politicians' minds can foresee. The lead end of the rubber band has launched forward, but the tail end has yet to catch up, and it soon will with a vengeance. The end result of this law has not been seen yet and may not for years to come, but then the damage is done. You can't undo like a typo on today's computers.

If pot is the panacea for revenue, why not become like Nevada and allow gambling, why not prostitution? That would bring in lots of revenue. We could have the drug lords, the pimps and the gambling syndicate in abundance; families be damned. Why not put a price or tax on every hedonistic act known to man, thereby condoning it and at the same time reaping money for the state coffers? With the extra money, we can open new mental health treatment centers for the slaves to gambling, drug and sexual addiction. We can hire new law enforcement specializing in DUI, whether it's drugs or alcohol; families be damned. Prostitution is fueled by human trafficking, intimidation, coercion, drugs, corrupt morals and greed. Why not allow dog fights, bull fights and cock fights, regardless of the inhumane bloodshed by dumb animals, to reap the benefit of tax revenues? Families be damned.

How far do we go for the almighty dollar before we cut the government waste, whether federal, state, county or city? We need to stand on principles, lead with moral conviction, govern with humility, judge without prejudice and teach with the future already in mind. A nation, state or local government cannot live by laws without morals. So the laws passed must reflect our morals, and we must be governed by a higher moral law, a law that transcends ethnic groups, gender groups, religious groups and political groups. It must transcend time as well. That law can only come from a transcendent God, one who knows all, sees all and one who has the unalterable and sovereign right to govern. If we use any other source of intelligence (like depending on ourselves), we are doomed to repeat past errors and we are doomed to fail.

William Bailey, Westcliffe


Colorado has struck the match

Colorado has struck the match that has lit the fuse of the fire that has been simmering for decades. The plague of our times is upon us. The legalization of marijuana is just an excuse to give leverage to the people who propose the use of medical marijuana. You begin to wonder about the value system of the United States when boys are suspended from school for imitating the shooting of a gun and yet we are forced to accept the legalization of this drug.

I feel that many of the supporters of this bill are possible users themselves. The drug is badly used already. If a person can't get a high from this drug, they merely transfer to a more potent drug. The FDA and most important health organizations do not OK its use. It is basically a form of escapism that some regard as an overly materialistic world. Yes, the plague of our times is upon us.

Tom Lucia, Haverhill, Mass.


Toward more socialistic programs

The Gazette editorial board would do well to consider that many of us out here love Barack Obama (in a good way). The Gazette editorialists and relentlessly right-wing columnists seem desperate to try to find something - anything - to blame Obama for (Got a flat tire? Blame Obama!).

For starters, Obama rescued an American economy from free-fall, then got us out of one war and is getting us out of another war. We left-wingers and semi-socialists criticize the president for not moving far enough, fast enough, toward the left. We look around the world at prosperous, free nations that have mixed-economy, part-capitalist, part-socialist systems with capitalism for economic incentives, and hugely expensive tax-supported socialist safety nets, providing the highest quality of life for all citizens.

And stop right here: Do not jerk your knee and try to retreat to the stale cliche that confuses socialism with totalitarianism and dictatorship.

Look north to Canada with its socialized medicine ("single payer") - or to semi-socialist Norway, New Zealand, France, Costa Rica, Germany, Denmark and so many others - there's not a speck of dictatorship to be found in those nations. On the contrary, the citizens there are more free; free from extreme poverty and illnesses - thus liberating more of them to actualize their potentialities, benefiting all. As an added benefit, those nations did not invade smaller, weaker countries causing many inevitable deaths.

So, editorial board and columnists, when you attack the president for moving us toward more socialistic programs, more government jobs and reduction of military spending, we say, "It's about time!"

Larimore Nicholl, Colorado Springs

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