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LETTERS: Free lunches; Benghazi; mentally ill inmates

By: Letters
May 8, 2014 Updated: May 8, 2014 at 8:35 am
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A much more damaging lesson

The article on the May 3 Gazette's front page dealing with schools providing breakfast for students was troubling. Although celebrated as a success, this program is a disgrace and a societal failure. In the subtitle these meals were described as "free." Therein lies the problem.

Are we not teaching our children that when they become parents they can have the government force others to fulfill their responsibility to feed their children by making their fellow citizens pay for these "free" meals? Whatever the benefits of having well fed students in school, a much more damaging lesson is being taught. This enslaves us all, both the recipient and the extorted supplier/taxpayer.

Dik Thurston, Colorado Springs


What happened in Benghazi and why

What should be the biggest story in America ... the president, Susan Rice, Jay Carney and Hillary Clinton all lying about what happened in Benghazi and why. I've been saying that since it happened, because if it looks like a cover up (lie), acts like a cover up (lie), walks like a cover up (lie) guess what, it's usually a cover up (lie). Latest emails that the White House redacted or kept from the requests of the Congress that were finally released under court order prove it was all a lie and a cover up.

Four Americans, Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and Glen Doherty were murdered in Benghazi in 2012 on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. They were murdered by al-Qaida terrorists in a planned attack on a compound that had very little security, yet held the ambassador of the United States. This was the responsibility of President Barack Obama's State Department run by his hand picked leader Clinton.

They both failed at their jobs and they knew it. Their poor judgment, lack of leadership and poor policy were the reason these Americans were murdered that day. This happened eight weeks before the presidential elections. The president and the democrats had been screaming from the top of their lungs that Bin Laden was dead and GM was alive. ... and al-Qaida was decimated. They couldn't let the truth about what happened in Benghazi out or we would have Mitt Romney as our president.

I want every adult American to stop and deep down inside imagine that one of the four murdered Americans was your son. Then imagine that Clinton and President Obama stood in front of you, looked you in the eye and lied to you about it. President Obama should be impeached, Clinton should be banned from politics forever and they should both be fined five million each, for each of the four dead Americans and it should go to their families. To me that would be very light punishment since they show zero regret. They are still lying about it and will continue. Plus the press is still trying to cover for them.

What kind of country are we becoming?

Ted Young, Colorado Springs


Going to the head of the line

I believe that everyone deserves the same opportunity. I am appalled and greatly disappointed by the number of people who believe that some individuals should go to the head of the line because of who or what they are. Case in point is Ronald Wynn's comments in Tuesday's paper. Unless I failed math in school when I add up the numbers for the classes and groups Wynn wants protected or given special consideration to (Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, handicapped, gay, poor Caucasians, homeless, women et al) the sum total of this group becomes the majority while white males and Asians become the minority therefore based on his logic white males and Asians now need the protection he proposes to provide to the other classes. He forgot to include short people, fat people (not politically correct statement but I don't care to be PC), or older people.

If the individual can't meet the requirements for hiring or admission then they shouldn't be hired or admitted. When the individual through work or study can meet the requirements then and only then should they be considered. I am using my middle initial so other Doug Gardners won't by confused with me and get hate calls or letters.

Doug E. Gardner, Colorado Springs

Get some help for inmates

San Carlos is a correctional facility for the 255 most severely mentally ill incarcerated in the state of Colorado. I wonder if the Colorado citizens would like to see these incarcerated men get better so they don't get released like Evan Ebel and have another murder, like the one of Tom Clements?

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that will happen. Take a severely mentally ill person and lock them down 22-23 hours a day in a 6x9 cell, and you think they will come out better? Even the head of the Department of Corrections, Rick Raemisch spent 20 hours in solitary, and when he came out, he said he was paranoid. He went into that lockdown a sane man and after only 20 hours, he said he felt paranoid.

I wonder how those San Carlos inmates are doing mentally and socially - being locked down. About 90 percent of them are locked down that long each day. Someone might want to take a look at what is going on behind the "closed doors," at San Carlos. Rehabilitation, isn't that part of what you are paying your taxes for? You are getting cheated! Tom Clements family said, "Our family has lost a devoted husband and a beloved father," Clements' family wrote in a media release. "There are no words at this time to describe our grief and loss."

I would imagine if you keep treating the San Carlos patients the way they are being treated now, you can expect more sad, sad stories like the one of Clements. To avoid this, let's get some help for those San Carlos inmates and get them out of 22-23 hours a day lockdown, alone, in a 6x9 cell and fed like zoo animals - their food trays being shoved through the flap in the bottom of their doors.

Wendy L. Benedetti. Grants Pass, Ore.

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