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LETTERS: Empathy for murder victims; guns and God

By: Letters
May 7, 2014 Updated: May 7, 2014 at 8:15 am
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Some empathy for the victims

I would like to respond by an emphatic no, I do not think we should get rid of the death penalty. There are morbidly thinking and acting people who deserve this punishment by their actions that put them behind bars, and they will not ever be rehabilitated.

The "botched" execution in Oklahoma was the result of the criminal's vein collapsing, not being "botched" by the persons inserting the needle. They did their job; even I have experienced this vein "botching" while in the hospital - sometimes it just happens.

The deterrent to capital punishment would be to exercise this fairly soon, as opposed to 15-35 years after the crime, making completely sure the right person was caught. How come I can't appeal and appeal my traffic ticket for 15-35 years before the court system makes a verdict? How come there is so much exposure on "the poor murderer"? We wonder what made him (her, them) do such a heinous act and the terrible act of capital punishment the courts will impose on him (her, them). What about the cruel and terrible punishment the criminal inflicted on the victim?

The horrible and countless hours, days, months and sometimes years that that person or persons had to endure under the control of whatever was inflicted on them? What about them? What about the horror of waking up the next day to realize it was not a dream and the next day after that and the YEARS after that? While the scum sits in that "oh so terrible place" called a prison and gets free education, dental and not Obamacare and three meals a day, while the victim cannot eat or sleep or any other daily function that they used to do!

I am so sick and tired of coddling the scum while ignoring what happened to the sweet, innocent 23-year-old college girl wanting to live her life without interruption from some scum who takes it upon himself (herself, themselves) to be so self-centered to be able to do what they do. Or the beautiful 13-year-old who gets buried alive. I can hardly stand to see how our world is headed and where it will be in another 15 years - here's hoping I am not around to see for myself!

Dale Conrad

Colorado Springs

There has to be a connection

What about the victims?

I can't stand it any longer - all you criminal sympathizers. There is NO cruelty in any form of death penalty compared to what the murderers did to their victims.

We have become a very permissive society in the way we raise our children. We have removed firm discipline and boundaries from child rearing - and do we not have more "meltdowns" and outbursts from children today? In the past, we were given boundaries with firm discipline, if not followed. There has to be a connection between very permissive parenting and the lack of fear of discipline to our present day "outbursts by killing" of our youth!

The fact that folks do not believe the death penalty is a deterrent - it is a deterrent for that criminal to commit another murder. I also disagree with those that say it wouldn't prevent someone from committing a crime. Children used to fear discipline if they made wrong choices and it helped many make the right choice in lieu of the pending discipline.

So I ask, if criminals knew they would suffer, would these hideous crimes be so rampant? Our prisons aren't even punishment anymore - they get three great meals - can exercise - can even get a free education! What's wrong with the old work camps and bread and butter - maybe we'd have less crime.

Now lastly . regarding the innocent being put to death. I firmly believe the death penalty should only be used when there is no doubt of the guilt - I mean caught in the act - like James Holmes . who so premeditated his crime that he booby trapped his own apartment and made sure he wore enough protection to save his own life - now that's not insanity . that's guilt.

And as long as I'm ranting - one more thought - Insanity should be "guilty by reason of insanity" . not "innocent by reason of insanity." The crime was still committed, and the punishment should be the same regardless of the mental state. Isn't everyone insane the moment they are committing these heinous crimes? If you feel they should get treatment first . then do so . but after treatment the punishment should be the same.

I am a Christian and do not feel there is anything Biblical against death penalty. It breaks my heart that these mass killings are on the rise. If it was up to me, the families of the victims would get to choose the punishment.

Sue Gorden

Colorado Springs

Guns can be taken away

How appropriate the quote, "Don't forget to love yourself," Kierkegaard, above Scott Weiser's, "Clinging tightly to our guns like a religion," the Colorado Springs Gazette, May 3.

To paraphrase him: I won't "begin to deal with the unending litany of canards, fallacies and specious logic," Weiser uses in his lame rationalization for guns. The more all-encompassing idea in his article is religion and his bizarre conception of it as the foundation of his defense of guns.

Weiser says that, though "religion is the glue that holds society together," for him there is only a "secular definition of religion." A "secular definition?"

Exactly what is the source of that non-sequitur definition? Certainly not God or the Bible. Maybe a dictionary: say Webster's, or the American Heritage's, or maybe the NRA's?

Remember, regardless of how much people like Weiser fear those worldly, secular powers, your guns can be taken away; God cannot.

Kenneth Valero


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