A critical presidential responsibility

What's the outlook for ISIS, America and President Barack Obama?

United States interests, allies and even our homeland itself are going to get hit by these radical Muslims. Obama's almost complete absence of responsible leadership on defense and foreign policy has helped set the stage. He is the weakest president on national security policy in maybe 100 years. He never has conceded that fanatical Islam is at war with Western civilization, with the U.S. as target No. 1, The Great Satan.

Obama failed when we abandoned Iraq in 2011. He failed in Syria by not helping the secular anti-Assad forces before the radical, murderous, self-proclaimed Islamic State emerged there and now in Iraq. He has failed to follow up in Libya, a land descending into chaos, another source of recruits and weaponry for terrorists. Kill our ambassador and pay hardly any price. He stood by as Egypt almost fell permanently into the clutches of the extremist Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama has projected to the world American weakness and drift, a lack of leadership resolve. Just ask Vladimir Putin or the Iranians what they think about our president. Or, for that matter, ask our European and Asian friends. Obama is weakening our military and fraying our ties with important allies. He is about to produce a failure of U.S. policy in Afghanistan. For political advantage, he keeps our southern borders wide open, and thus makes it easy for terrorists to enter. They are likely here now and more are on the way.

Part of the threatening situation we face is that Obama has a lifetime record of thinking and saying that America, more often than not, is the problem in the world. With that radical mindset, his wrong-headed policies as president finally may have set up America and other Western democracies for a series of disasters at the hands of our enemies. The No. 1 job of an American president is national defense, national security, which includes providing critical global leadership in defense of freedom, our values, our way of life. Obama's record so far suggests he is flirting with dangerous dereliction of duty by failing to meet that critical presidential responsibility.

Thomas Mullen

Colorado Springs

We've forgotten a lot of our history

Today in our modern society we tend to not dwell on history; thus it can be understood if people tend to quote history without doing any research.

Thus modern America is a far cry from what the Founding Fathers intended, with the current mess in Ferguson being just the tip of the iceberg. Seems we have forgotten a lot of our history.

Eric Severance

Colorado Springs

City looks like a slum

We recently had out-of-state visitors - former residents of Colorado Springs - who were shocked and disappointed at the pot holes, dirty streets and gutters and weeds covering medians and curbs.

This was their next comment, "Do the people supporting the overpriced City for Champions really believe tourists are going to flock here to see that when the rest of the city looks like a slum?"

Joan Neugebauer

Colorado Springs

Can't let attacks go unanswered

Re: Jane Leone's letter printed Aug. 25. I wanted to smack my hand on my forehead and wonder how someone cannot see that Israel strikes in response to Hamas attacks. Hamas has proudly boasted they use women and children as shields to make the rest of the world feel as Ms. Leone feels. They have boasted that it is used to gain sympathy for their cause.

Just because Israel is a more accurate shot and hits more targets than Hamas shouldn't mandate Israel to sit back and continue to let Hamas' attacks go unanswered.

Colleen Chiddix

Black Forest

State's voters deserve better

A state governor should make decisions:

Gov. John Hickenlooper would like to have it both ways; he dances a little two-step and sways back and forth. He did this on the Nathan Dunlap execution date, he's done it on the gun control legislation that was passed in 2013, and he's done it on energy projects throughout Colorado.

As mentioned in The Gazette's editorial Tuesday, it probably won't make much difference if Hickenlooper is re-elected or not. He does not want to put a multiple murder convicted felon to death. The death penalty is meant to be a deterrent to future murderers and give society and family members of victims a sense of justice. I am in favor of the death penalty, it needs to be dealt with and should be swift in the sentence. Having someone on death row for more than 20 years and going through countless reviews and procedures could amount to inhumane treatment of a murder.

Voters and citizens of Colorado deserve better. With the election coming in November, everyone needs to know that elections do have consequences. We must work within the system; we must adhere to law and justice. We must demand from our courts and our elected officials that they stand for the rights and well-being of our citizens. Making changes in our governor and in our state legislators this November may be a start to reverse the bad decisions and choices we have had.

Rob Blancken

Colorado Springs