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LETTERS: Constitutional knowledge; Social Security solutions

By: Letters
October 13, 2016 Updated: October 13, 2016 at 6:36 am
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Constitutional knowledge important

I just read The Gazette's article about not exercising while angry or upset triples the chance of heart attack! If that is so, I, and probably many others, better re-evaluate our exercising routine for the next month.

This election is disheartening. We sure don't have good role models on the public stage anymore. I just have one comment about the debate - when the candidates were asked what criteria they would use to select a Supreme Court Justice, Hillary listed a whole litany - not one word about how knowledgeable the person would be in our Constitution. Article 3, Section 1 of the Constitution states, "The judicial Power of the United States will be entrusted to on Supreme Court . . . Section 2 The judicial Power will include all civil and criminal cases that concern this Constitution, the Laws of the United States and treaties made under their authority. . . I would think knowledge of the Constitution as understood by the founders, would be the first requirement. Interpretation of the Constitution and laws of the U.S. are not partisan, but boy, have we gotten away from that.

I applaud Trump for mentioning the Constitution in his litany. I heard a young person on the radio a few weeks back stating that our U.S. Constitution is just an antiquated piece of paper written 200 years ago with no relevance for today. It's easy to believe that stuff if you are uneducated about the subject. The concept of divided powers was and continues to be genius. Too bad Wilson, Roosevelt and Johnson didn't see it that way. If men were angels, we wouldn't need a Constitution.

Mary Montie

Colorado Springs

Hold speeders accountable

Within the last six months, I have personally witnessed two wrecks on North Academy. One of those wrecks was fatal. Both of those wrecks were single car crashes where the driver was unable to control speed.

I am under the impression that it is the Police Department's job to protect by holding drivers accountable for speeding, by writing tickets. I believe that the Police Department is not citing enough drivers for speeding in the city. Thank you for any follow-up you can provide in this matter.

Josh Mayhew

Colorado Springs

Speak up now about Research

I would like to encourage all of those who are up in arms over the narrowing of Research Parkway (as I am) to take the survey at: You can also contact Kathleen Krager, the city traffic engineer, at and Travis Easton, director of public works, at All nine City Council members can be contacted at Please speak up now, as the congestion will only worsen as apartments, houses and businesses grow along and east of this corridor.

Patrick Heinzen

Colorado Springs

Arguing words vs. deeds

Regarding the latest 'scandal' of Donald Trump's trashy talk tape; aren't the people who are trotting this out as proof of his unfitness for office the same people who argued, apparently convincingly, that Bill Clinton's sexual affairs while in office were his personal business and had nothing to do with his ability to perform as president? Are words more damning than deeds?

H. Wayne Hall

Colorado Springs

Knock off the sensationalizing

I'm sickened by both print and broadcast journalists these days. Why? Everyone seems to be having major memory lapses. While I am a registered Republican, I am in no way proud of the actions 10-plus years ago of Donald Trump. They were sophomoric in the extreme. Forgivable? As a conservative Christian I have to say that they are. Is he the finest example of the type of person I would like to see in the Oval Office....certainly not. That the Republican party, almost to a person, is saying that Trump should drop out of this presidential race, I for one would say that he shouldn't. Now, as Paul Harvey used to say, the rest of the story.

When Bill Clinton ran for the presidency, everyone who had read his history to that point knew that he was a philanderer of the first order. If it had a skirt, he was chasing it. Was he fit to occupy that noble office to which he aspired? Not if you measure him by the same yardstick that is being used for Trump of 10 years past.

Hillary's memory lapses today are the things of major novels. Knowing her husband wasn't honoring his wedding vows, she, instead, goes after the women he frequented. But remember, she's all for women's rights. Let's revisit those halcyon days of the Kennedy presidency. Would any senator known by the nickname "Jack the Zipper" be considered remotely electable to the presidency? Oh, you say, but those were the days when the press considered private matters just that....private matters.

I won't advocate for either candidate here. Neither carries the best interests of this great nation first and foremost in their hearts. We are at a crossroads in our history and the media (I know, readership and viewership are what make the world revolve) are doing nothing but fomenting racial and gender battles that do nothing to bring us together as one nation under God. Let's have a little more unbiased reporting and knock off the sensationalizing. You're making used car salesmen (many highly reputable) look like the paragons of virtue you wish you could be.

Bill George


Solutions for Social Security

Star Parker raises the problem that the country is facing in terms of Social Security, but the solution she presents seems to leave out some very crucial people; after giving this some thought, I wonder....

What about the widows, orphans, the handicapped now supported on Social Security? These may be people who never were able to pay into S.S.I., or paid in very little. Her 'equations' don't seem to consider them.

When S.S.I. was first established, the average age at death in this country was, what? 65? What is the average age at death now? Isn't it 81 for women, and 78 for men? What about the idea of moving up the eligibility age for drawing benefits accordingly, to reflect that we are living longer lives?

Deborah Tinsley

Colorado Springs

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