Congratulations and thanks

Most local veterans read Dave Philipps "Other than Honorable" series with surprise at the way many of our present-day warriors have been treated when they act out because of their physical and mental wounds. They suffer the horror of war every day of their lives, and have not always been treated with the compassion and respect they deserve and need.

Dave Philipps has done a great service for all veterans, especially our wounded and troubled brothers-in-arms.

On behalf of the veterans and spouses who make up the Pikes Peak National Veterans Cemetery Committee, thanks and congratulations to Dave and The Gazette for writing and publishing such a great series. We salute you upon the Pulitzer-winning series, which supports our veterans in such great distress.

Vic Fernandez, Colorado Springs


Giving credit where credit is due

No man is an island as the saying goes, so kudos to those who prepared him and contributed to his success. But giving credit where credit is due, congratulations to Dave Philipps for his outstanding achievement, not only on this but for earlier efforts as well. It is always gratifying to see one recognized for honest work. Congratulations again to Dave, et al.

Richard N. Sunderland, Colorado Springs


This is the way to go

Congratulations to Dave Phillips and to The Gazette team! I am so darn proud of you! In a city which is so narrowly focused on athletics, the City for Champions and the Olympic Training Center, you have brought honor and recognition of - to me - a far greater value to Colorado Springs. My congratulations, too, to Phillip Anschutz whose involvement in The Gazette and The Broadmoor has invigorated both.

This is the way to go, Colorado Springs. This is the way to bring those young professionals and tourists here.

Angela Ann Cesario, Colorado Springs


Everyone at the paper must be proud

What an incredible honor for Dave Philipps and all his colleagues at The Gazette. Congratulations to everyone involved in that fascinating series of articles. I know everyone at the paper must be very proud . and you have every right to be.

Barry M. Grossman, Colorado Springs


That exalted recognition

To Joe Hight:


Right here, in middle America

When I picked up my Gazette from the porch at 4:10 this morning, I thought I must have picked up the wrong paper - someone else's Chicago Tribune or Washington Post or New York Times!

A Pulitzer?? Here?? in little old Colorado Springs!

What a coup! What a very exciting and rewarding day you must have had. How wonderful to be able to tell your reporter that he just won a Pulitzer Prize!

Of course he deserved it, no question. . but to have that exalted recognition . here, in middle America.

It's just absolutely spectacular . we're all so very proud!

And Joe - your fingerprints are all over it - you lead your people to excellence, and you also back them up.

Congratulations to you!

Carol Willis, Colorado Springs


Behind the Pulitzer

Gazette reporter Dave Philipps, who won the Pulitzer Prize for "Other Than Honorable," a series revealing how the military treated wounded combat veterans, will speak about his work at Colorado College on Wednesday. The presentation is at 7 p.m., Armstrong Theatre, inside Armstrong Hall, 14 E. Cache La Poudre St., free. A reception follows.

Read the prize-winning series at: