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LETTERS: Army's new regulations discriminatory?; throwing money at green solutions

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April 9, 2014 Updated: April 9, 2014 at 9:25 am
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Regulations outrageously unfair

On March 31, a new Army regulation, AR 670-1, was updated in regards to grooming and appearance for male and female U.S. soldiers. I agree that men and women should maintain a professional appearance at all times, but the new standards are not only outrageously unfair, but target a specific race and gender - black women. These new standards clarify that any dreadlocks or twists are banned and any violations are punitive. This specific action targets black women with natural hair, who refrain from chemically processing their hair due to damage.

I am a veteran of the U.S. Army, and I can speak for other black women still serving that these hairstyles that have been banned helped us maintain our hair during long weeks in the field or deployments. Some women's natural hair state does not allow you to pull it back in a bun, so in order to keep our hair in regulations, braids were conveniently kept up to maintain professionalism. This new regulation has a lack of regard to women with ethnic hair and should be considered for revision.

Tameka Taylor, Colorado Springs


Throwing money at green solutions

Has Al Gore been hanging out in Colorado recently? I just wonder because it's snowing again this morning and cold weather seems to follow him wherever he goes. I assume we'll be seeing more letters from the Al Gore-lites telling us that the world is still experiencing global warming, oops, climate change.

Ever notice the Al Gore wannabees only cite temperature records for barely over a hundred years. That's because the government has officially been keeping track of temperatures for a "short" time. They cannot tell us what the temperature was on this date 500 years ago, 1,000 years ago, 5,000 years ago, or 10,000 years ago, so we have no idea what the "average" temperature is and whether we're in a cooling period or warming period and what is "normal." Scientists can tell us about certain warm periods or the "little ice age" in Europe by studying tree rings but they still cannot tell us what is "normal."

The Earth is very "old" and the climate has been changing constantly and there's not much man can do to stop the climate from becoming warmer or colder. Common sense solutions like recycling and steps the U.S. has taken in the past few decades to clean up the air and water in our country are commendable goals but pretending we can change the climate by banning fossil fuels is ridiculous. Constantly throwing money at useless green solutions designed to make Gore and the despots at the U.N. wealthier is not only dumb but unconscionable.

Arlene Barron, Colorado Springs


Is this what you want more of?

Like many normal people, I am disgusted with today's politics, especially Republicans!

It ticks me off that Republicans are favored to win Congress in 2014. And I ask why? Why are they favored when the last two Republican House of Representatives were the worst in memory. The laziest ever if you will. The Republican Senate leader set records for filibusters, saying he wished he had blocked more bills. So I ask again about such losers. How have they helped America? What have they accomplished that Republicans insist on voting for them?

If the Republican House and Senate weren't bad enough, how about when they controlled the White House for eight years with G.W. Bush leading us off the deep end? No job growth in eight years.

Bush started two wars, didn't finish either and his Iraq war should have been investigated more than Benghazi - don't you think?

His economic policy brought America to it's knees. Worst economy in 70 years! The bells tolled for thousands of businesses and millions of Americans.

I could go on, but is this what you want more of? What makes you think it will be different?

Bush's record was so bad it has taken Obama this long to get it back on track and get this, with very little help from Republicans.

Well, if this is what you want more of, go for it. It's not as if as if you've never been wrong before - horribly wrong.

Phil Kenny, Colorado Springs


Article was highly informative

I found Gregory Olinyk's commentary in the April 6 OP/ED section to be highly informative. It was a great source for one thing, in helping me to decide if I am for or against City for Champions. Will CforC be a benefit to the city's economy or just another Pikes Peak Center boondoggle to get the taxpayers to buy and maintain some overpriced real estate and build edifices to people who want to feed their egos?

I would ask two things of Olinyk: Please submit your opinion to us on a regular basis and when you do, please don't use initials and acronyms without defining them in your narrative. We voters often react quite negatively to what we view as, "corporate speak," which may be being used as an attempt to hide the real meaning of someone's statements.

Arnold Tesnow, Colorado Springs

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