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Public, media barred from theater shooting hearing

DENVER (AP) — For the second time, the media and other members of the public will be barred from a pretrial hearing in the Colorado theater shooting case.

The judge said Thursday that part of a May 5-6 hearing will be closed while attorneys discuss a questionnaire that prospective jurors will fill out.

Another part of the hearing will be open, when the two sides discuss other jury selection procedures. The judge says those matters will be handled first, and then the courtroom will be closed.

A January hearing on whether defendant James Holmes should undergo a second psychiatric evaluation was also closed.

Holmes pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to charges of killing 12 people and injuring 70 in July 2012. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

The trial is scheduled to start in October.


Colorado advances edible marijuana restrictions

DENVER (AP) — Colorado lawmakers advanced a measure to broaden a ban on certain types of edible marijuana to include products that mimic other foods or candies.

A House committee unanimously approved the bill Thursday, sending it to the full chamber for a debate later. It comes amid concerns that children can accidentally ingest some kinds of marijuana edibles. However, some marijuana activists fear the bill could ban any type of edible pot.

The bill would direct the state Department of Revenue to adopt rules requiring that marijuana edibles be clearly marked or designed to show that they contain pot.


Traffic camera ban clears Senate hurdle

DENVER (AP) — A statewide ban on red-light and speeding cameras has won initial approval in the Colorado Senate after a lively debate over whether the cameras improve safety, or just provide money for local governments.

There were backers and opponents from both parties Thursday when the bill was approved on an unrecorded voice vote. A more formal vote is required before the red-light camera ban heads to the House.

Sponsors say the automated traffic enforcement devices don't improve safety. They argued Thursday that the cameras are used as a "cash grab." But defenders said that the cameras make streets safer while saving police time.

Ten states prohibit the use of photo radar or red-light camera enforcement.


Royal Gorge park to offer tours amid fire repairs

(Information in the following story is from: Canon City Daily Record,

CANON CITY, Colo. (AP) — Royal Gorge Bridge & Park will offer guided tours on weekends and holidays this summer as it rebuilds from last summer's fire.

The Canon City Daily Record reported Thursday the $23 million first phase of reconstruction is scheduled for completion in August.

The park has been closed since the June 11 fire, which destroyed 48 of 52 of the park's structures.

Mike Bandera, the park's general manager and vice president, says the reconstruction project is on schedule.

The first phase includes a 14,000 square-foot visitors center, a passenger train and a large children's play area.

Bandera says a formal grand opening will take place in the spring of 2015.


Police: Man ate pot candy before shooting his wife

DENVER (AP) — Authorities say a Denver man accused of killing his wife while she was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher ate marijuana-infused candy before the attack.

Search warrants released Thursday said 44-year-old Kristine Kirk told dispatchers her husband bought and ate the candy before he started hallucinating and frightening the couple's three children.

Police say 47-year-old Richard Kirk also may have taken prescription pain medication before he began acting erratically.

It was not clear whether the pot influenced his behavior.

Authorities say Richard Kirk shot his wife in the head about 12 minutes into her call with 911.

Police say she told dispatchers her husband was getting a gun from a safe before a gunshot sounded and the line went quiet. The department is investigating whether police responded quickly enough.


Police impersonator reported in Loveland

LOVELAND, Colo. (AP) — Authorities say a driver was stopped by a police impersonator in Loveland, the third such report along the Front Range in less than three weeks.

A Loveland man told police he was pulled over late Tuesday or early Wednesday by a car with red and blue flashing lights but no police markings. A man in a police-style uniform asked for his identification but didn't give any reason for the stop. He then said the driver could go.

The driver became suspicious after speaking with a relative who is a law-enforcement officer. Loveland police say they confirmed the uniformed man wasn't an officer from the Loveland area.

Police impersonators were reported in the Denver suburb of Sheridan on Wednesday and in Aurora on March 31.


Davis dies, will provides for ranch use by UW, CSU

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — The will of a wealthy Denver philanthropist who has died contains an incentive for the University of Wyoming and Colorado State University to use a ranch for agricultural education rather than sell the property.

Amy Davis died Wednesday. She was 86.

Davis' personal representative, Tyson Dines, said Thursday that Davis' will sets aside a considerable amount to support teaching at the Y Cross Ranch. He wouldn't specify the amount.

University officials said they were saddened by Davis' death but had no additional comment.

Davis donated her family's southeast Wyoming ranch to the UW Foundation and CSU Research Foundation in 1997. Davis later expressed concern the Y Cross saw little use for hands-on teaching.

Preparations to sell prompted Davis to sue in 2012. She lost before the Wyoming Supreme Court in March.


Whoopi Goldberg writes Denver Post cannabis column

DENVER (AP) — Whoopi Goldberg says she's in love with her marijuana-vaporizing pen.

In her new column for The Denver Post's Cannabist website, the Oscar-winning entertainer writes that her "vape pen" relieves the devastating glaucoma headaches she suffers without overwhelming her with a marijuana high.

Goldberg's debut column appeared Thursday.

She writes that marijuana eases the pressure, pain and stress of glaucoma, and her vaporizing pen allows her to get the right amount in small sips.

Goldberg says she's discreet about using the pen if she's in jurisdictions where medical marijuana is illegal.


Jury: Jeppesen should pay software maker $43M

DENVER (AP) — A federal jury in Denver says navigation information provider Jeppesen Sanderson should pay $43.1 million to a small Massachusetts software maker that claimed Jeppesen violated their agreement for putting aviation charts on tablet computers.

The judgment was announced Thursday. Jeppesen is expected to appeal.

The Denver Post reports SolidFX had a contract with Jeppesen for an application that would allow pilots to view Jeppesen charts on an e-book viewer.

SolidFX claimed Jeppesen stole its idea for an app that works on iPads. Jeppesen argued the iPad wasn't covered by the term "e-book viewer," but SolidFX says it was.

SolidFX is based in Foxborough, Mass. Jeppesen is in the Denver suburb of Englewood.

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