Two weeks in to the government shutdown, there were few signs of compromise in Washington.

The House Republicans sent up another budget proposal, which the Democrats in the Senate rejected. Colorado Springs Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn said the latest bill, which would pull some cash away from the Affordable Care Act, represents a huge step.

"It's a limited plan that doesn't do nearly what I would like," Lamborn said Tuesday.

While the plan does tweak Obamacare by delaying a tax on medical devices, Lamborn said it will fund the government through Jan. 15 and cover debts through Feb. 7.

The White House has demanded a budget plan that leaves Obamacare alone. The administration also wants a long-term fix to America's borrowing authority that would lift the debt ceiling.

"Tea Party Republicans in the House of Representatives forced a government shutdown, and now they're threatening an economic shutdown," the White House said on Facebook Tuesday.

Dan Dellinger, national commander of the American Legion, said the budget battle is wounding veterans' causes. The Legion's 2.4 million members are seeing the backlog for veterans benefits claims skyrocket amid the shutdown.

Worse, he said, troops, retirees and veterans could see federal paychecks delayed if the government can't reach a debt deal and spirals into default.

"We're just calling on Congress to quit the politics," Dellinger said.

The Legion estimates that the department of Veterans Affairs is seeing its claims backlog grow by 2,000 per day during the shutdown.

Lamborn said he's worried about what will happen later this week if Congress can't cut a deal. Jittery financial markets fear an American debt default and the public is increasingly alarmed at the prospect of missed paydays for workers and pensioners.

"I don't want to test those uncharted waters," Lamborn said.

The congressman said he got two kinds of feedback over the weekend when he came home to Colorado Springs.

Some he said, want the GOP to back down.

Others, Lamborn said, want Republicans to "keep fighting."

Lamborn said Obama is responsible for the gridlock that has gripped government for two weeks.

"All they have said up until now is no, no, no and no," Lamborn said. "They haven't been willing up until the recent days to negotiate."