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Lack of leadership; what we are doing with immigration

By: Letters
July 6, 2013 Updated: July 6, 2013 at 8:35 am
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So little value placed on leadership

After reading Charles Krauthammer's commentary on "America sidelined, barely relevant in Syria's civil war" (Sunday 6/23/13) I wanted to shout...and this is the guy who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize right off the bat! I lost all respect for this great honor when it was awarded to President Obama, who had no experience in moving world leaders to the table to engage one another. Rather he was recognized for being a "rock star" with a good line and smart PR.

This just reflects how shallow, how foolish, the culture has become - even at the level of the Nobel committee. How dangerous and frightening the world becomes when so little value is placed on genuine leadership and moral integrity.

Wendy Smith, Colorado Springs


What we are doing with immigration

I don't understand what we are doing with immigration. We have laws that are the legal way to get into our country. Ellis Island did not let anyone in unless they were needed jobwise or had families and if they were sick, they were sent back. All the nationalities came in that way. We undoubtedly have illegal immigrants from Africa, South America and many other countries. Are they included in the amnesty agreement? If not, we're leaving out all the other countries in the world. No matter what we do we do we must close off the borders first and then pass laws on what we should do.

I am very sad about certain Republicans who are willing to vote for this bill against what their voters want just to get the votes from a minority group. I believe in our freedom and it is a horrible attack on the ones who try to come into the country legally.

Rodney E. Hammond, Colorado Springs


Can't have it both ways

A contractor (Edward Snowden) reminds the people that our government has been snooping on us at least as far back as the first George Bush. The government responds that this is all legal and accounted for. The contractor didn't reveal data, just the existence of, according to the government, a legal surveillance program. Now that same government wants to charge the contractor with espionage!

Sounds a lot like the schoolyard bully threatening to get even when reported to the principal. Can't have it both ways; if the surveillance is legal why can't the public know? If it is not legal, we darn sure need to know and get it stopped. If it was me running the show, I would say "Yessiree Bob, we are able to listen and watch every thing you miscreants are up to and you are on our list and will be dealt with when your number comes up so straighten up or start looking over your shoulder!

That's what the Brits did, they admitted to having a huge program capturing "everything". It is up to the bad guys to gamble on whether that is true. Sleep well, we are coming.

Michael S. Welsh, Colorado Springs


Food stamps as one last resort

In response to "Not enough manpower to put out Hell":

It is both judgmental and most unfair to say that taxpayers are giving away their money to people who need food stamps as an excuse for not having enough funds to fight forest fires! The economic downturn has hit many in our fair city who are well educated, talented, and have invested years in building professional careers, left frustrated by having their employment snatched away - leaving food stamps as one last resort to turn to while struggling to find a way to make a living. ...When the free market doesn't provide stability then it becomes necessary to get assistance, and for many this is help that is sorely needed.

The increase in the need for the food stamp program is no laughing matter that often comes from people who have lofty retirement income from the government.

J.R. Sowell, Colorado Springs


An extremely heartbreaking sight

I had occasion to be passing Fremont County Airport recently and was devastated to see that the word "God" was removed from the large statute-type letters that normally spelled out "IN GOD WE TRUST", leaving it "IN ---- WE TRUST". It was an extremely heartbreaking sight, and I wonder what our country has come to, caving in to the selfish demands of the minority of atheists who object to such references.

Our country was founded on freedom of religion (which could include no religion) not freedom from religion, to prevent the government from forcing a specific religion upon us.

I would not think such a sign forces religion upon anyone. Does an atheist's offense at such a sign trump others' beliefs? Fremont County Airport may just as well fill in the blank spot with the words "Politically Correct".

Jeri McGinnis, Colorado Springs


A time for supporting the Udalls

I disagree with Sen. Mark Udall on almost every vote he makes, but today is not a time for politics.

Today is a time for healing for the Udalls and for universal support for the Udall family. We offer our prayers for the senator and his family in the loss of his brother. May you feel God's strength supporting you through this time.

Ed Parkhurst, Colorado Springs

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