We’re in the homestretch of Super Bowl week in New York/New Jersey, and there’s been only one thing missing: players in trouble in the big city. Aside from this photo of Ronnie Hillman — at least don’t take the photo, man — the Broncos and Seahawks haven’t made the wrong kind of news.

On Thursday you had Peyton Manning’s comedy routine (above left), Champ Bailey nearing his first Super Bowl (Mike Adams: “Of course he would come back for the playoffs. Typical Champ.”), Russell Wilson being nice (bottom left) and my new friend Mariana Gonzalez teaching the Seahawks how to play a new game (bottom right). 

Still, it’s been anything but quiet. New York has a way of magnifying life.

After spending the past three days around the Seahawks, I learned the Seahawks have a magnified personality. That personality seems to be connected to an amplifier, perhaps the same one used by their head coach when he’s game-planning to Snoop Dogg in his office.

I think, if Seattle wins, the rematch could take place in Seattle in the NFL Kickoff Game in September. I think Max Unger should keep the beard and continue skateboarding. I think the Broncos and Seahawks are built to be Super Bowl contenders for years to come — the Broncos more than the Seahawks, which will come as a surprise to some

I think both teams could be back here next season.

Not here, as in New York/New Jersey, but here, as in the Super Bowl. Next year it’s in Phoenix. 

My prediction for the game is coming in Saturday’s Gazette. Having been around this Broncos team for the majority of the past 12 months, ever since the devastating Ravens loss, and seeing both teams go about their business this week in New York, I feel confident in the pick. 

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