DENVER - Are you ready for this?

Are the NFL history books ready for this?

Buckle up and grab the oh-shoot handle: The best offense in NFL history still has room to grow. Peyton Manning's 18th Airborne is only warming up the engines.

That's right, football fans. Three games in, I'm going there. Not only has Colorado never seen a scoring machine quite like the one being piloted by Peyton Manning.

The NFL hasn't, either.

The Broncos entered Monday night's 37-21 knee-slapper against the Raiders having scored 90 points in two games. The Bears and Packers are the only teams to score more.

The Bears and Packers needed three games to do it.

Allow Eric Decker, this week's main man with 133 yards receiving, to provide the scary part: "I think we can get better. We're trying to not have three-and-outs. We're trying to have more explosive runs, more explosive plays."

This is a special operation taking flight at a mile high. This is John Elway with a deficit and 2 minutes left, Peter Forsberg on a penalty shot, Missy Franklin in a swimming pool.

In 20 games with the Broncos, Manning has 52 touchdown passes and 12 intercepted passes. In three games this season, Manning has 12 touchdowns (the most through three games in NFL history) and zero intercepted passes.

"He's really had a good three weeks," Decker said with a grin.

It's only the Raiders, you say? The Raiders might be more friendly than fearsome, but they were third in total defense and third in pass defense. They led the NFL in sacks.

Check that: the Raiders were a stick of wood. Manning carved them like a totem pole and made the Raiders looked about as fast.

In the first half, Manning completed 21 of 24 passes for 264 yards and three touchdowns with a passer rating of 152.1 (158.3 is perfect).

But the most telling image came on a Manning incompletion. As his pass to Demaryius Thomas dropped to the turf near the goal line, Manning slapped his hands together like it was the final pass of the season.

Manning's reaction to the incompletion came shortly after he had completed 15 straight passes.

Peyton wants perfection.

Debbie downers might say we're only three games into this football marathon. Opposing defenses will get better against the Broncos.

That's the point: We're only three games into this football marathon. Manning's offense will only get better.

"It's just everyone doing their job," said Wes Welker, who has three touchdowns in three games as a Bronco.

The greatest offense witnessed in this lifetime had Welker at wide receiver. It had Tom Brady at quarterback and four other All-Pro selections as a cast. The 2007 Patriots turned NFL defenses into speed bumps, scoring 114 points in their first three games (the Broncos have scored 127) and 589 for the season (the Broncos record is 501, 1998).

Those Patriots averaged 36.8 points; these Broncos, despite 26 penalties in three games, are averaging 42.3.

Brady set an NFL record with 50 touchdown passes, Randy Moss set an NFL record with 23 touchdown catches, and Bill Belichick set an NFL record with torn hoodies. The Patriots went 16-0 and lost in the Super Bowl.

"I'm not really into comparisons," Manning said.

I doubt these Broncos go 16-0, but they are the AFC favorite to reach the Super Bowl.

Hide the women and Raiders. This is that kind of offense. Even better, I think.

Until the Raiders clean up their act, it should be against Colorado law to poke fun at the Broncos' No. 1 rival. Hating the Raiders is like hating a puppy for chewing up the remote.

The Raiders are more cuddly than cutthroat. That's even true of the fan wearing the McFadden jersey in Section 120. In the third quarter, the Silver and Slack trailing 30-7, the McFadden fan was escorted to the parking lot by police.

Too bad, Mr. Raider Fan. You missed another good show.

This can be, might be, will be the best scoring offense in NFL history.


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