To save them from political disaster

President Obama's naive administration, with little understanding of the real world of business, has suggested that insurance companies should in about 30 days undo everything they did to comply with his Affordable Care Act and the regulations his Health and Human Services organizations promulgated for that law. Obama's ill-conceived bailout to fix his egregious insurance program and save Democrat legislators, such as Mark Udall, who wholeheartedly supported it for these past several years, is inane on the face of it. Given their inability to produce a workable web page in over three years with hundreds of millions of tax dollars, no one should believe there is credibility in this administration's current ploy to save themselves from a political disaster and shift the blame to the insurance companies. What is most reprehensible, is that they want to sacrifice the American people to save their skins.

Marc L. Sabin

Colorado Springs

Utilities needs to be accountable

What entitles Colorado Springs Utilities to bill me and then donate a portion of my dollars to a community organization that I may or may not support? We know Colorado Springs total utility rates exceed other Front Range communities. And they want more. No one likes the proposed rate increases and learning that customers are being billed for nonutility purposes is unacceptable. To add insult to this practice, they have taken away my ability to have a tax-deductible donation, depending on the organization, if I were to personally make a contribution.

I believe Utilities needs to be accountable to their customers and reveal their operating costs by category. I am especially interested in labor costs from top down for each position or job category and number of employees in each of those categories. Bloated salaries and benefits at the upper management level seem to be the norm for many government organizations as well as private industry.

Because Utilities is a government owned entity, these salaries should be a matter of public record and I would like to know where I can view them. If they are not, they should be. I don't have a choice of where I purchase my utilities, and I don't expect my dollars to be squandered.

Floyd A. Reichert

Colorado Springs

A keep-our-city-ugly policy

Read with interest Bill Vogrin's article on the 40-year-old house issue that is still not resolved.

Why does Colorado Springs not use code enforcement?

Many homeowners, that abut a street, either from the rear or front let the weeds grow tall in the easement area and nothing is ever done about it.

Ditto developers, with lots grown up in weeds and retailers who do no cutting of weeds or grass around their businesses. Plus the worst offender is the city who has thousands of acres designed for parks that are never cut.

Seems like there must be a keep our city ugly policy in place?

There has been more cutting of weeds along the sides of roads and in the medians this year, but still not enough.

Edmund Wall

Colorado Springs

Noise an unforgettable experience

The homeowners in Briargate who have a concern with the flight noise from Academy planes have a problem!

And it is not a question of patriotism or lack thereof. What do you know of their patriotism anyway?

The problem is that they bought a home, a sanctuary, in Briargate, and now they are besieged by ear- piercing, head-pounding noise from these trainees, that you have to experience to believe. Two of the people who have written letters claim to live in Briargate and say the noise level is nothing to complain about, they don't even notice it. I will bet you they do not live in the flight pattern, that these planes are not passing directly over them.

I moved here from Kansas City in the late '70s, and bought one of the first homes in Briargate.

Yes, I knew the academy was a few miles to the west, but I gave no thought to planes from the academy coming over my house and driving me to the end of my rope! I no longer live there, but it is an experience I will never forget.

So all you "You should have known" sayers out there, you should have known when you married your mate that he snored. And when you bought your house, you should have known that the neighbor's dogs would bark all night.

And when you bought your season tickets to ball games that the season ticket holder behind you would blast an air horn every first down and touchdown. You should have known!

The noise from those planes is like the aforementioned air horn blasting with no end.

The engine noise from these particular planes, at the height they are flying in their flight plan is not even describable. It's mind-boggling.

Don't tell these people in Briargate their feet don't hurt until you walk a mile in their moccasins.

Patricia Locke

Colorado Springs