Is someone considering reopening a Michelle Chocolatiers & Ice Cream shop in downtown Colorado Springs?

Someone posted a questionnaire on Survey Monkey asking very specific questions about ice cream, chocolates and the former Michelle’s that closed in 2007.

The survey is at:

Some of the questions include:

If you buy chocolates, do you prefer homemade or mass produced?

Are you familiar with Michelle’s downtown location that closed in 2007?

And — If yes, would you frequent the business again?

Once located at 122 N. Tejon St., the IRS seized the business in 2007 to satisfy federal tax liens totaling nearly $400,000. At the same time, a Denver bank was foreclosing on a $295,000 loan, according to earlier Gazette stories. The IRS auctioned the building’s contents in 2007.

Michelle’s was founded by the Michopoulos family as a candy shop in 1952 and moved to Tejon Street in 1954, adding ice cream and a restaurant at the same time. A failed expansion in the Denver area left the business deeply in debt, which led to the seizure.

I’ll try to find out more about who’s behind the survey, until then, if you have any information  please contact me, Ned Hunter, at the Gazette: 636-0275.