Hurt if peace ever breaks out

In a recent "Peak Facts" article in The Gazette, it was noted that in 2009 federal spending for the Pikes Peak region, specifically in El Paso County, was $10.8 billion, mostly tied to Fort Carson and other military bases and installations. Spread out over the population of the county at that time, the article stated that meant every man, woman and child received a federal benefit worth $17,800. In comparison, other Colorado citizens only received, on average, $14,000 in federal benefits, while the rest of our nation's citizens only received $10,500.

With the addition of the helicopter brigade at Fort Carson, I wonder what the new federal benefit figures for the county will be?

While many El Paso County citizens tend to think of themselves as self-sufficient, and dislike the federal government, I think that financially we will really be in a world of hurt if peace ever breaks out. As an active and retirement military community, we lack a diverse business and manufacturing base to take up any possible unplanned unemployment. Minimum wage jobs do not make for a prosperous community.

Isn't it time for all of our local civic leaders to aggressively address this possible future "black hole?"

Bob Armintor, Colorado Springs


Struggling in an anemic recovery

It's really simple. Neither smaller class sizes nor more money have been shown to improve K-12 test scores or graduation rates. And with the economy still struggling in an anemic recovery, now is not the time to take money from consumers and out of the private sector by raising state income taxes to the tune of $1 billion annually.

Vote no on Amendment 66.

Pat Francomano, Colorado Springs


Support for Jim Mason

Ballots arrived via mail yesterday; I am asking you to vote for Jim Mason for D-11 school board.

Jim is serving on the District 11 Advisory Accountability Committee and serves as Finance Committee chairman.

As such, he is intimately familiar with school finance related issues. Based on my personal knowledge, I find him to be a man of integrity, who is committed to giving back to our community.

Among Jim's commitments is the elimination of social promotions and support for early childhood education.

Jim is a team player, but he is not a special interest puppet. When elected, Jim will build consensus where possible and will vote in the best interest of the children of Colorado Springs schools.

Again, I ask you to vote for Jim Mason for D-11.

Willie H. Breazell, Sr., Colorado Springs


Knuckleheads will be re-elected

A recent poll indicated that 60 percent of us would like to see the entire Congress out of office, and new members voted in.

Unfortunately, when most of the American voters enter the privacy of the voting booth, it's going to be the same old thing:

"Throw all the other knuckleheads out, but keep my knucklehead in."

So, per usual, 93 percent of the knuckleheads will be re-elected.

Tom Stockman, Colorado Springs