The Fremont County Sheriff's Office seized two horses from a Penrose resident after an investigation revealed that she was allegedly abusing them.

Angelyn Daniels, 20, was issued a summons for two counts of cruelty to animals, a class-one misdemeanor, according to Capt. Don Pinover, spokesman for the sheriff's office. A deputy executed a search warrant on Daniels' home after agents from the Colorado Humane Society and a veterinarian observed that the horses were dehydrated, had minimal food available and had various injuries sustained from unsafe living conditions, Pinover said.

Authorities gave the horses very low body condition scores based on their weight and felt the removal of the animals was necessary for their survival. Both were transported to a rehabilitation facility pending a disposition of Daniels' court case, said Pinover.

Cases of suspected animal abuse should be reported to local law enforcement or the Colorado Humane Society at 1-800-249-5121.


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