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  • Blog: The future of farming?

    Have I seen the future of farming? Over the weekend, I visited Heritage Belle Farms, a Calhan-area farm run by 29-year-old Katie Belle Miller. She raises Longhorn cattle, pigs and a variety of poultry, plus she’s just started a talapia-growing operation. She thinks agriculture is moving in the direction of such small-scale agriculture and...

  • The wrong tool for the job

    When the right-now tool is wrong wrong wrong

  • KEN MOON: Spider egg sacs on the eaves are harmless and easy to remove

    Dear Ken: Do you have any anecdotal information about large clusters of gray spider egg sacs appearing under roof eaves? - Janice Answer: These are harmless. They usually accumulate around exterior light fixtures. The spiders set up housekeeping to capture the small insects that are attracted to that bright bulb. The nests can be scratched...

  • New book designed to nurture Colorado's beginning gardeners

    Diana Maranhao grew up the daughter of gardeners in the Pacific Northwest, eating fruits and vegetables fresh from the picking. As for the picking itself, she was never a fan - not until she was grown and raising two young children in rural Southern California. Lucky for her, her community plot was a heritage site, full of rich dirt that had...

  • Japanese architects return to their roots

    TOKYO - A new generation of Japanese architects is scoring success by reinterpreting the past. Unlike their predecessors, who modernized Japan with Western-style edifices, they talk of fluidly defining space with screens, innovatively blending with nature, taking advantage of earthy materials and incorporating natural light, all trademarks of...


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