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  • An ecosystem (and food) can be created 
with the right mix of water, plants and fish

    new wave of gardening is rippling across the United States, and it's setting a new record for the farm-to-table trend. In about 20 minutes, freshwater fish and produce can go from swimming around and hanging on the vine to being a delicious meal on a plate. "You can't get any fresher than that," said Sylvia Bernstein, founder of a...

  • Ash borer detected in new places in Boulder

    BOULDER — The Colorado Department of Agriculture says a destructive beetle called the emerald ash borer has been detected in additional places in Boulder. After the beetle was found in Boulder last September, the city was divided into a grid of one-square-mile sections and branches were sampled from each. The survey found trees in five...

  • Fruits of Colorado College students' labor available to public

    Each year, Colorado College students become urban farmers. For an entire year of their undergraduate studies, starting in March, a group of students plans, budgets, plants, maintains and harvests produce for the school cafeteria - and they get paid to do it. This year, there's a new twist: The public can buy some of their bounty. Luke...

  • That strip of land between the street and the sidewalk can be beautiful and low maintenance

    They go by many names - parkways, medians, berms - but probably the term that best describes the isolated strip of garden space sandwiched between sidewalk and street? Hellstrip. "It's very hot, there's a lot of foot traffic and there's usually no irrigation," said Pat Sullivan, a Colorado Springs horticulturist and landscape designer who...

  • Finding bargains in people's garages

    JOLIET, Ill. (AP) — Jacki McHale looked at the fabric lying at the end of a Joliet driveway and thought, "Gold mine." McHale, a Channahon resident who has been going to garage sales since she was a kid, has learned to find value in the things people want to get rid of. Like fabric, she said. "Fabric is super high-priced in stores right...


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