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  • The Country Life: How does your garden grow? With horse manure? Cow pies?

    When you have as many animals as I do, you deal with a lot of, well, crap. On a recent Saturday morning, I cleaned up mounds of horse poo in the corral, then cleaned out the rabbit house (where the rabbits insist on doing their business instead of out in their pen) and, finally, armed with my shiny new pooper scooper, cleared the side yard of...

  • Chihuly show pushes Denver gardens to nation's No. 1 spot

    DENVER - Denver Botanic Gardens had more visitors last year than any other public garden in North America, edging out the Washington, D.C., attraction that usually tops the list. Denver gardens CEO Brian Vogt credited a popular show by contemporary glass artist Dale Chihuly and the opening of a science exhibit. He also has seen increasing...

  • Colorado Springs area home and garden events starting March 21, 2015

    HOME AND GARDEN CALENDAR Saturday Backyard Beekeeping - 10 a.m., Phelan Gardens, 4955 Austin Bluffs Parkway, free. Registration: 574-8058. Growing Great Cool-Season Veggies - 10-11:30 a.m., Horace Mann Middle School, 1001 E. Van Buren St., $10. Registration: 651-3416. March 28 Kids Class - Egg Heads - 10 a.m., Phelan Gardens,...

  • Year-round gardening: Shrubs for Colorado landscapes

    Natural landscapes comprise layers of plants: low ground covers and herbaceous plants; a middle layer of shrubs and small trees; and a canopy of taller trees. The middle layer of shrubs ranges from about 5 feet to 15 feet. It is the layer most in scale with the human form and the one people most easily notice, interact with and use for various...

  • Around the house: Adding enzymes can damage septic system

    Dear Ken: You mentioned on the radio not to add anything to a septic system. We've done it monthly for years. Why not continue? - Charles Answer: I assume you're talking about adding bacterial enzymes. I wouldn't do it because you're risking damage to the leach field. If you shock the system with one of these additives, material can break...

  • Creative decorating with houseplants, from floor to ceiling

    In homes where space and time are precious, the future of the humble houseplant might depend on whether it can earn its keep. Houseplants that endure tend to be either undemanding succulents, edible herbs or plants that add enough to a room's ambiance that they're worth some extra effort. And a huge variety of plants are both easy and worth...

  • 'Call before you dig' season starts early in Colorado Springs

    A thin line divides us from the matrix of utilities - power, water, gas, cable TV and phone - that powers our world. That thin brown line is dirt. "The biggest mistake is people making assumptions that they're not going to be digging deep enough to hit anything or that their utilities won't come into play when they're working, digging in...

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