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  • KEN MOON: Running a humidifier and the A/C a formula for a moist house

    Dear readers: A listener was complaining to me that the humidity in her house was high, even though she has central air. It didn't take long to figure out that she was running her furnace humidifier and the A/C at the same time. This is a big no-no. Air conditioning condenses water vapor out of the air as it cools. Meantime, the humidifier is...

  • Colorado Springs gardeners can dig into food sale, harvest festival

Thursdays and 
Saturdays Harlan Wolfe Ranch Pick 'n Pay - Spinach, lettuce, argula, kale, herbs and more available, 9 a.m.-noon, Harlan Wolfe Ranch, 915 W. Cheyenne Road; ppugardens.org. Sept. 6 Family Fun Cornhole Tournament - To benefit Abundant Harvest, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainable farming and community...

  • Side Streets: It's a miracle on Dale Street! Colorado Springs tree saved from chainsaws

    When I last saw Carol Willis in April, she was hugging a massive old silver maple in front of her Dale Street home. This was not just any tree. This had been her friend, sheltering her home with shade, attracting flickers and squirrels and raccoons to its tangle of branches and thick, knotted trunk. She'd loved this tree since she and her...

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