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  • Home Depot confirms breach in US, Canada stores

    NEW YORK — Home Depot confirmed on Monday that its payment systems have been breached, and says the hack could affect customers who used credit and debit cards at U.S. and Canadian stores. The largest U.S. home improvement chain says it has not found evidence that debit card PINs were compromised, and nor that online customers or shoppers at...

  • Door Appeal: Changing the color of your front door can refresh the look of your house

    You only get to make one first impression. The same goes for your home. One way to make a bold statement? Turn your front door into an accent with a splash of audacious, intense color. The colors you choose can reveal oodles about your personality and what you want to project to the world. Or at least your neighborhood. It's also one of the...

  • KEN MOON: Black grunge in your toilet bowl means time to replace parts

    Dear Ken: We have an older home and are experiencing a black substance coming into the (toilet) bowl. We've already tried cleaning tablets. Any suggestions? - Lori Answer: You probably need to replace the parts in your tank. Older black rubber flapper valves and floats deteriorate over time from sitting in water 24/7. Buy a new flapper and...

  • Time to prep amaryllis bulbs for holiday blooms

    The activity: Now is the time to prepare your Christmas/New Year's 2013 amaryllis bulbs for 2014 holiday blooms. What's needed: - Amaryllis bulb from a prior year. - A cool, dark area for bulb storage. - A heavy pot of the appropriate size. - Good-quality houseplant potting mix. Why: It is only September, but it is time to start planning...

  • No Rosie the Robot, but technology in the home is continuing to evolve

    There was laughter and perhaps some wishful thinking 50 years ago when George Jetson and his family whizzed around in a personal spacecraft, had a robot doing housework and were served breakfast from an automatic short-order machine. How far have we come, Lowe's wondered, and how close are our homes to TV's Jetsons? The Lowe's 2014 Smart Home...

  • Home and Garden calendar Sept. 6, 2014

    HOME AND GARDEN CALENDAR Saturday Family Fun Cornhole Tournament - To benefit Abundant Harvest, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainable farming and community empowerment, 11 a.m., Abundant Harvest Aquaponics Greenhouse, 9355 Peaceful Valley Road, $40 per team of two. Registration required: abundantcornholetournament.com.

  • Lower temperatures have decreased tomato yield, increased green fruit

    You can't knock the enjoyable summer we've had this year. But the lower temperatures have delayed the tomato season by about two weeks and left many of us with plants that are festooned with green, golf ball-size fruit. "Yes, it seems that many of us are noticing a decreased yield in tomatoes compared to last year," said Larry Stebbins,...

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