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  • Colorado Springs area home and garden events starting Nov. 22

CALENDAR TUESDAY Fall Floral Class - Learn how to make a centerpiece for holiday table and table décor, 3-4:30 p.m., Garden of the Gods Gourmet, 410 S. 26th St., $40 Registration: 471-2799. Dec. 4 Simple Toilet Repairs - 10-11:30 a.m., Colorado Springs Senior Center, 1514 N. Hancock Ave., $4. Registration: 387-6000,...

  • Around the house: Consider different options for painting garage floor

    Dear Ken: I would like to paint my garage floor. Which material would be best? - John Answer: There are several choices. Let's go down the food chain. The ultimate is an epoxy finish. This is the most resilient and, frankly, the prettiest. But it's also the most difficult, especially the preparation phase. Your floor must be cleaned...

  • Year-round gardening: Have your Christmas tree serve double duty

    Decorating a living Christmas tree in your home during the holidays and planting it later can be done, but it takes some planning - and a little bit of luck. This is a risky business, but if you are careful, you can get double duty out of such a tree - both holiday cheer and wonderful landscaping. Choose your tree as carefully as you would a...

  • Colorado Springs area home and garden events starting Nov. 15, 2014

    HOME & GARDEN CALENDAR Saturday Silk Flower Centerpiece for the Home - 11 a.m., Library 21c, 1175 Chapel Hills Drive, free; ppld.org. NOV. 25 Fall Floral Class - Learn to make a centerpiece for holiday table, table décor, 3-4:30 p.m., Garden of the Gods Gourmet, 410 S. 26th St., $40 Registration: 471-2799. Dec. 4 Simple Toilet Repairs...

  • Scrapbooking remains a passion for many in Colorado Springs

    Whatever happened to the scrapbooking craze? For longtime fans like Mona Szoke, it's alive and well. "Once you get going on it, it's addictive," said the stay-at-home mom from Colorado Springs. "It's a way to get away from everything. It's very therapeutic." Although scrapbooking can be traced to the early 1800s - Thomas Jefferson was...

  • Built-in or portable? Choosing the right generator

    Home generators have gone from luxury items to mainstream ones. Prices have decreased, thanks to growing demand and cheaper technology. But the idea of buying and installing one can be daunting, mainly because there are so many variables to consider. Much depends on how much you want the generator to do. A look at some generator basics:...

  • The scents of National Candle Month

    Leaves are falling, creating carpets of gold and red. Smells are warm and spicy: cinnamon, hot apple cider and pumpkin everything. Fall nesting time is underway. It's no wonder November was chosen as National Candle Month: Not only do aromatic, flickering candles smell heavenly, they also make great gifts and are wonderful additions to any...

  • Year-round gardening: November a good time to focus on trees' health

    Once the leaves and needles are raked up, it's easy to forget about the health of your trees. But November is a great time for a "tree checkup." Here's a few tasks you'll want to complete soon: Pruning: Deciduous trees are best pruned during their dormant period. Take a look at your trees for signs of diseased, damaged and broken branches and...


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