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  • Extended warranties a big sell. Are they worth it?

    Offers of extended warranties or service contracts are becoming the norm, whether you buy a big-
ticket item such as a car or kitchen appliance or a less expensive one such as a television or phone. The plans basically are insurance policies in case something goes wrong, but they come at a price. Federal Trade Commission staff attorney...

  • AROUND THE HOUSE: Older homes may need vents cleaned

    Dear Ken: Do vents in the heating system really need to be cleaned? - Jay Answer: It usually depends on the age of the house. You can check the cleanliness of your heating system before deciding to hire someone to clean it. After sundown, remove two or three floor vent covers and then use a strong flashlight and a little swivel mirror to...

  • YEAR-ROUND GARDENING: A day for architecture and horticulture

    Activity: From 9 a.m. to 
3 p.m. Saturday, the Woman's Educational Society of Colorado College will provide educational tours of the Van Briggle building on the CC campus. The tour is a fundraiser for CC students who need financial assistance to pursue a college education. (Cost is $10; children 12 and under get in free.) Following a tour of...

  • Home and Garden calendar: Sept. 20, 2014

    HOME AND GARDEN CALENDAR Thursdays and Saturdays Harlan Wolfe Ranch Pick 'n Pay - Spinach, lettuce, argula, kale, herbs and more available, 9 a.m.-noon, Harlan Wolfe Ranch, 915 W. Cheyenne Road; ppugardens.org.
 Friday-Sept. 28 Log and Timber Home Show Expo - Denver Mart, 451 E. 58th Ave., Denver, $10-$15; thelogandtimber homeshow.com....

  • Home Depot breach affected 56M debit, credit cards

    The Home Depot says it has eliminated malware from its U.S. and Canadian networks that affected 56 million unique payment cards between April and September. The Atlanta-based home improvement retailer said Thursday it has also completed a "major" payment security project that provides enhanced encryption of customers' payment data in the...

  • YEAR-ROUND GARDENING: Plant spring blooming bulbs in the autumn

    September is the time to plant spring blooming bulbs. In addition to tulips and daffodils, consider adding some ornamental onions (alliums). There are some ornamental onions that grow much like perennials, forming a crown that returns year after year. However, there are other ornamental onions that behave like spring blooming ephemerals, such...

  • Right at Home: Sellers, give every room a role

    Many of us have one room in the house that doesn't really have a job. Maybe we set it up with an air bed once in a while for guests, or shove out-of-season clothing boxes in there, or use it as a holding zone for stuff we're not sure what to do with. But when your house is on the market, every room has a role to play to make the sale. Next to...

  • AROUND THE HOUSE: How to give faded window frames a fresh look

    Dear Ken: I have stained window frames in my house. They are badly faded and need renewing. What should I use? - Sherry Answer: You could try Olde English or Scott's Liquid Gold if they simply need revitalizing. These products contain wood conditioners and stains and can bring dull surfaces back to life. Up to a point. If these window casing...


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