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  • No bees? Look for other pollinators

    The dramatic loss of honeybees to changing land use, viruses and pesticides is alarming, and they are irreplaceable as pollinators. But you can somewhat offset their loss by attracting alternative pollinators, such as beetles, butterflies and moths, dragonflies, feral bees, wasps and flower flies. Attracting these beneficial insects requires a...

  • Colorado Springs gardeners can harvest, divide, plant, transplant in September

    September is a time of transition. Days are noticeably shorter, nights are cooler, and the weather is usually stable. It's a good time to plant or transplant. - Harvest pears, apples and ever-bearing strawberries as they ripen. Cover new fruit on heritage raspberries with bird netting. - Continue to harvest tomatoes, peppers, onions and...

  • KEN MOON: Find second, third opinion when facing a critical diagnosis on furnace

    Dear Ken: I have been told by a heating contractor that I need a new furnace because the heat exchanger is bad. What's the next step here? - Karen Answer: First things first. Make sure you have a good working carbon monoxide detector. Some furnace companies - thankfully, very few - "over diagnose" a faulty heat exchanger. It can be an effort...

  • Fall decor does a Scottish fling

    Where fashion goes, decor follows. And this fall, the fashionistas are inspired by Scotland. Plaid capes, kilts and coats hit the fall catwalk for Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney. Marchesa showed tartan-printed lace, argyle and fur, and deconstructed kilt patterns in a dress collection. Maybe it's Scotland's referendum on independence...

  • Prices of huge TVs are down, which means the football season is looking up.

    Supersized isn't just for French fries. Americans increasingly are replacing their once-enviable 50-inch TVs with even bigger screens. Think: 65 inches and up. And what better time to expand your HD horizons than Saturday's official kickoff of college football and the NFL season start next weekend. People are snagging big screens -...


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