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  • Blog: Colorado ranks 8th in the nation for $1 million homes

    Zillow, the Seattle-based online real estate service, recently assembled a list of states with the highest percentage of $1 million-and-up homes. Hawaii topped the list with more than 11 percent of its single-family homes, condos and the like valued at $1 million or more. Colorado came in 8th on the list, with 2.5 percent of its homes valued at...

  • Tap the soothing sounds of water for home

    What do you imagine when you think of fountains? Maybe the amazing 24-ton, four-
story silver loop Julie Penrose Fountain in America the Beautiful Park that is said to be a bridge between earth and sky? It may be inspirational. But alas, it won't fit on your patio. The sound of water is said to be one of the most popular sounds worldwide....

  • Retreats should reflect a casual glamour, says Dallas decorator

    From airy beach houses filled with light to rustic retreats tucked into the mountains, vacation homes can lead to inspired decorating. "You love that place; that's why you're there. That's the place you want to go to relax," says Dallas interior designer Jan Showers, author most recently of "Glamorous Retreats" (Harry N. Abrams, 240 pages,...

  • YEAR-ROUND GARDENING: Annoying fungus gnats are easy to defeat

    Shoo! Swap! Smash! Fungus gnats! I received a good luck charm in the form of a shamrock plant around St. Patrick's Day in March. When I repotted it in a slightly larger pot, to encourage longevity and prosperity, the fungus gnats appeared. These very small flies congregate around houseplants and adjacent windows. They are harmless to...

  • KEN MOON: Running a humidifier and the A/C a formula for a moist house

    Dear readers: A listener was complaining to me that the humidity in her house was high, even though she has central air. It didn't take long to figure out that she was running her furnace humidifier and the A/C at the same time. This is a big no-no. Air conditioning condenses water vapor out of the air as it cools. Meantime, the humidifier is...


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