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  • Colorado Springs gardeners can dig into food sale, harvest festival

Thursdays and 
Saturdays Harlan Wolfe Ranch Pick 'n Pay - Spinach, lettuce, argula, kale, herbs and more available, 9 a.m.-noon, Harlan Wolfe Ranch, 915 W. Cheyenne Road; ppugardens.org. Sept. 6 Family Fun Cornhole Tournament - To benefit Abundant Harvest, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainable farming and community...

  • Side Streets: It's a miracle on Dale Street! Colorado Springs tree saved from chainsaws

    When I last saw Carol Willis in April, she was hugging a massive old silver maple in front of her Dale Street home. This was not just any tree. This had been her friend, sheltering her home with shade, attracting flickers and squirrels and raccoons to its tangle of branches and thick, knotted trunk. She'd loved this tree since she and her...

  • Boost nutrition by adding weeds to your diet

    Not everyone can say they enjoy being knee-deep in weeds. But meet Tamara Geene, who with her son, Drew, makes a business of growing weeds - the edible kind. Turns out that some of the ones you're pulling out of your veggie garden are more nutritious than the very stuff you're trying to grow. "The nutrition content of wild plants is so...

  • The wrong tool for the job

    When the right-now tool is wrong wrong wrong

  • KEN MOON: Spider egg sacs on the eaves are harmless and easy to remove

    Dear Ken: Do you have any anecdotal information about large clusters of gray spider egg sacs appearing under roof eaves? - Janice Answer: These are harmless. They usually accumulate around exterior light fixtures. The spiders set up housekeeping to capture the small insects that are attracted to that bright bulb. The nests can be scratched...


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