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  • How to garden with pets in mind

    Veterinarians are starting to preach the gospel of gardening - primarily how organic fruits and vegetables can be used to improve the health of family pets. Everything from carrots to leafy vegetables and fruits can be added to the cat or dog dish. That saves money on pet food, too. "I'm seeing things like broccoli, cucumbers, apples and...

  • Around the house: It's best to turn off gas log pilot during warmer weather

    Dear Ken: Should I turn off my gas log pilot light as warmer weather arrives? - Keith Answer: Yes. It costs about $7 a month to keep a pilot light burning. Besides, it warms up the glass, and that heat radiates into the room. This advice also applies to a wood burning fireplace that has been retrofitted with a gas log set. If you have an...

  • Colorado Springs area home and garden events starting May 23, 2015

    HOME AND GARDEN CALENDAR SATURDAY-MONDAY Memorial Weekend Plant Sale - 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, 4250 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Road, Zoo admission not required for sale; cmzoo.org. Wednesday Tour of Tough Plants at the Xeriscape Garden - 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m., Conservation and Environmental Center, 2885 Mesa Road, free....

  • Year-round gardening: Last summer's unanticipated garden sensation

    Years ago, I noticed maximilian sunflower (Helianthus maximiliani) in a local demonstration garden. It was late in the growing season, yet this plant was providing lots of color and interesting textures. So I planted maximilian sunflower. The plant grew, but it didn't thrive. It wasn't drought-tolerant. During the early summer months of 2014,...

  • Incorrectly installed sump pumps cause problem in Colorado Springs neighborhood

    Nearly three weeks of constant rain in Colorado Springs have brought to the surface a new problem from homeowners on the westside - incorrectly connected sump pumps. Heavy rains and the threat of basement flooding might have prompted some residents to install sump pumps, while homes with sump pumps have been kicked into gear. But some...

  • Year-round gardening: How vines grow, climb

    Vines are weaving wonders that can add dimension to gardens, create privacy, provide shade and mask eyesores. They grow and climb five different ways. How a vine supports and attaches itself go hand in hand. Unfortunately, many vines are chosen for their decorative qualities, with no consideration or thought given to how or if they will be...

  • Believe in seeds: They'll expand your gardening horizons

    "Plant seeds" might seem like an inane suggestion for a gardening column. But I'm serious. More and more people who garden these days put plants rather than seeds into the ground. In the old days, the arrival of warm weather would have us all dropping bean, beet, marigold and zinnia seeds into moist soil, then eagerly waiting for those first...

  • Around the house: To stay dry, check gutters and window wells

    Dear readers: I've been deluged with calls and emails from folks who have water issues: wet or even flooded basements, inundated window wells and drainage issues that have exposed vulnerabilities in many homes. If there is good news, it's that almost all these difficulties originate on the surface, so they are relatively easy to handle. About...


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