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  • Plant of the week: Bleeding heart

    This favorite, old-fashioned shade perennial with delicate flowers resembles hearts with a drop of blood at the base. Flowers appear in early spring and dangle along arching stems. Prefers moist, well-drained soil in a shady spot, protected from direct afternoon sun. Benefits from a top dressing of compost every year to keep its roots cool...

  • Year-round gardening: Three trees for Colorado Springs

    Finding tree species that do well in compacted clay soil can be a challenge. If you have alkaline soils, it further complicates the process. Species selection is critical to long-term success of city trees. Here are three common trees that are more tolerant of compacted or alkaline soils: - Hawthorn trees (Crataegus sp.) - Trees range in size...

  • Find a flair for flea markets

    The arrival of spring means that flea markets are reopening for business around the country. Shoppers will hunt for treasures amid acres of used goods. A few will come home with just the right vintage art or quirky piece of furniture to make their home more beautiful. Many interior designers and decorators will be joining the flea-market...

  • Apple orchards dodge a weather bullet, growers say

    The spring storm that passed over Colorado Springs didn't leave behind as much snow as originally predicted, but enough to make 2013-2014 the snowiest season in 13 years, according to the National Weather Service. The official report from the Colorado Springs Airport was 1.5 inches, putting the season's total at 34.4 inches, said...

  • SE Iowa greenhouse captures industrial heat

    FAIRFIELD, Iowa (AP) — Minutes after train cars loaded with coal roll by, Jan Swinton admits this rough industrial park on Fairfield's north side is hardly where you'd expect to find the beginnings of a lush vegetable garden that will help feed the area's 1,700 schoolchildren. But there, tucked behind a nondescript factory, is a new...


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