Colorado Springs will make its "House Hunters" debut Thursday on HGTV.

Jason and Emily Epstein wanted an older home in the Old North End, and Ian Stone, their agent at Re/Max Properties Inc. found them three.

"My wife's a huge fan, so when we first started thinking about buying a house, I got in touch with the casting director," said Jason Epstein. "Since she was such a huge fan, I wanted to try and make it happen."

Jason, a veterinarian at Crossroads Animal Hospital, and Emily, who works for the nonprofit LiveWell Colorado Springs, are recent college graduates and shopped for their new home on camera near Patty Jewett Golf Course last fall. The show was completed in March and will run at 8 p.m. Thursday. It features the couple considering three different homes, and at the end reveals which house they chose.

"We love it, absolutely love our house," Epstein said. The couple purchased their home in November.

"It's fun to kind of see the behind-the-scenes on how the show works and the little secrets of reality TV," Epstein said. "We had a good time."

The couple went on the show with Stone already as their agent. The three sent in video diary applications.

"The experience is great," Stone said. "The whole film crew comes. They have a director, a sound guy, the camera people.

"Being on camera is a lot harder than people think," said Stone. "You have to take, like, 10 takes to get one good shot."

Stone was also a fan of the show. "My wife and I watch it pretty regularly," he said. "When I first started in real estate, I would watch the show to get tips from more experienced agents."

Stone has a reputation for being a helpful agent - a reputation backed by a five-star rating on Zillow.

"I've always been that kind of agent," he said. "I really am all about helping people."

"Ian's awesome," Epstein said. "It was a blast. We became very good friends very quickly."

Being on "House Hunters" will improve his practice, said Stone. "It makes me think about how I act inside of a home when I'm showing it. It's all about making your customer feel comfortable when they're in the home with you, so I've integrated it into my business."

It's the first "House Hunters" show shot in Colorado Springs, although the show has filmed in Denver and Northern Colorado. The Springs apparently made a good impression. Since filming the show, the "House Hunters" crew has contacted Stone three times looking for more customers and properties in Colorado Springs.

The show will feature "some great mountain shots" and shots of Garden of the Gods to showcase Colorado Springs' beauty.

"I think it's made me love Colorado Springs more, too," said Stone. "I really love it here and wouldn't live anywhere else."