Many school districts are running two hours late Friday and some are closed as arctic conditions continue to linger in Colorado. Any sign of a warm up isn't expected until the start of next week.

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According to the National Weather Service, it didn't get above 6 degrees Thursday in most of El Paso County Thursday, and as of 7 a.m. Friday, the Colorado Springs area was -6.

Although Thursday did not get a fraction of the snowfall seen on Wednesday, sub-zero temperatures prompted school delays and closures and the cancellation of events throughout Colorado Springs and El Paso County.

A holiday tree-lighting ceremony at Fort Carson was postponed to Dec. 11 at 5:30 p.m., following delays in military bases around Colorado Springs.

Other evening church events and meetings, as well as after-school activities were cancelled.

The Colorado State Patrol reported snow and ice mostly in between highway lanes and on the on-off ramps around Colorado Springs.

The Colorado Department of Transportation did not report any highway closures, but drivers were encouraged to allow more time to travel.

According to The Denver Post, temperatures plummeted to -15 degrees at Denver International Airport about 6 a.m., tying the record-low for Dec. 5, 1972.

"Something I must stress is that these super-low temps will continue into next week," Walrod said. "By Wednesday or Thursday we may see an improvement in the mid 30s, which will feel quite warm after the single-digit readings we're getting."

Colorado Springs remained on accident-alert status Thursday.

Friday's forecast could ease cold weather woes for Colorado Springs with a predicted high of 11 degrees and partly sunny conditions, but wind chill values will be between -10 and -20.