For all the hard-working Americans

There is no doubt that I am the 'in the same boat ' as many hard-working Americans. Head down. Anonymous. Self pride.

This is a story I am sure you will enjoy. I was out working today and a Colorado Springs city worker who I have seen, but do not know, stopped and said, 'You have a stellar work ethic. '

It truly meant a lot to me, as I am sure it would to the many hard workers out there just like me. My sincere thank you for taking the time to stop and recognize my efforts.

I was extremely tired at that point, but you made my day, and brought a sincere smile to my face. To all like me ... 'Thank you for your efforts. '

Tom Andenno

Colorado Springs

Lock and load those cameras

It would appear hunting-related business ventures and hunters have threatened to take their hunting adventures to friendlier states, like Nebraska, to dissuade legislators on gun control laws. This can only be great news for the 'bear, deer, and elk ' lobbies who will undoubtedly hold more of their conventions in the picturesque Colorado high country.

Lock and load those cameras, out of state folks!

Michael A. Tkacik

Colorado Springs

Some sympathy for the real victims

Thanks to Lois Fornander for her thoughtful(?) and seemingly endless letter/lecture 'A call for some self-examination ' in the April 30 Gazette.

I thank her because I have been waiting for the 'they are depraved because they are deprived ' theory to be dug up again to explain murderous, vicious, psychopathic and terrorist behavior. Oh, wait, there is also the brain damage theory which she didn't mention but some other apologist did.

According to Lois, we just didn't do enough for them (though they got asylum, welfare, citizenship and scholarships for starters) and it is no wonder why they would do what they did with all the issues of evil capitalism and corporate greed running through their righteous little minds. Sorry, Lois. the majority of people don't have perfect lives or enough money and benefits to suit them, but they still don't go out and blow up innocent people.

Perhaps you should reserve some sympathy for the real victims, the innocent ones who were killed and maimed by these criminals.

Geraldine Russell

Colorado Springs

Giving mothers a chance to heal

Last year, crosses were put up at St. Dominic's Church (5354 S. Highway 87) to represent the number of abortions in the United States. There were over 3,000 crosses representing the number of abortions in one day in the U.S. We had several calls to complain about the crosses. We also had several more people call and commend us for our public witness.

We will put the crosses up again this year and we recognize that some people will be offended. Yet, it is important for people to know this is a place of healing; not condemnation.

We want people to heal from abortion. Women and men need to commemorate their child and create a memorial to that child. This is also true for mothers who miscarry. This child was wanted and loved by their mother. There is no place to grieve and mourn the loss of that child.

Mother's Day becomes a day of sorrow and not a day of joy. We are inviting any mother who has lost a child, (natural causes, miscarriage, abortion, ) to come to St. Dominic's on Mother's Day (May 12) at 9:30 a.m. and brings items to memorialize your child. After a short prayer service to acknowledge the dignity and the loss of your child, you may adopt a cross and make it a memorial to your lost child.

This is very important in healing and allowing you to grieve the loss of your child. If you have not named your child for whatever reason, give your child a name and honor their existence as brief as it was.

You do not have to be Catholic, this is open to any mother of any faith to honor and grieve the loss of a child. It's time to stop making abortion a political football and let's give mothers a chance to heal from the scars of losing a child. May God Bless you.

Fr. Bill Carmody

Colorado Springs

Example of unnecessary spending

If fiscal conservatism means anything, it means forgoing spending on unnecessary things, so you can afford what's truly needed.

The recall effort against Sen. John Morse currently being pushed by a small number of extremists in our community is one example of unnecessary spending. The recall, if it proceeds, will require a special election costing a minimum of $250,000.

This would be in addition to the required general election in 2014. And what would we be getting for our $250,000? One possible outcome would be shortening the term of Sen. Morse (who is already term-limited in 2014) by a little less than a year. A more likely outcome is that the Senate District 11 voters, who have already elected Sen. Morse twice, will return him to office for the remainder of his final term.

In that scenario, the money would have gone for nothing.

But the folks who are pushing the recall don't care about the cost - their plan is to spend your money, not theirs. They're reserving their own money for meetings at The Broadmoor and for paid signature-collectors who can help them get to spend those taxpayer dollars.

When one of those signature collectors asks you to sign, ask yourself if you're likely to get your money's worth on a special election.

James W. Howald