In addition to anointing a new sheriff Saturday, El Paso County Republican delegates named a new clerk and recorder - longtime GOP activist Charles Broerman.

Broerman handily kept his opponent from receiving the 30 percent of delegate votes at the county assembly to force a primary. Instead, the current deputy clerk under Wayne Williams will likely take the seat. No other candidates from other parties have filed for the office.

Williams is leaving to run for secretary of state.

The assembly lasted all day Saturday at the University of Colorado- Colorado Springs, as more than 1,000 delegates selected who would represent the GOP in the June primary and, eventually, November elections.

The star of the event was Congressman Cory Gardner, who told voters he could have stayed in his safe U.S. House district and glided to reelection, but instead he's taking on incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Udall.

Gardner kept his remarks short but said Colorado deserves better than a senator who voted to raise taxes.

A number of El Paso County politicians are leaving their offices and the vacant seats attracted a slew of candidates.

In the race for county treasurer there will be a primary election. Candidate Duncan Bremer, a former county commissioner, was the front-runner, receiving 48 percent of the vote, but Mark Lowderman, a two-term county assessor, was just able to force a primary with 30 percent. David Kelly garnered 22 percent and would have trouble meeting a Monday deadline for gathering signatures to petition onto the ballot.

There was a four-way race for House District 15, the seat left open by Rep. Mark Waller, who is running for attorney general.

Gordon Klingenschmitt won the favor of the delegates with 71 percent of the vote, preventing two other candidates nominated from hitting the 30 percent threshold. But unlike county-wide races, it only takes 1,000 signatures to get on the ballot.

Candidate Dave Williams however, turned down his nomination saying he already has 1,000 signatures and will petition onto the ballot. A primary appears likely in that race.

Lois Fornander received the Democratic nomination last week for House District 15.

House District 20, which was held by term-limited Rep. Bob Gardner, is also headed to a primary. Several candidates may petition onto the ballot even though only Terri Carver received enough delegate votes to earn the GOP nomination. Carver received 71 percent of the delegates.

Michael Schlierf, 56, got the only nomination to run in House District 18, held by Rep. Pete Lee, D-Colorado Springs.

Schlierf is in real estate investment, a job he took after 29 years with Intel to remain in Colorado Springs after the computer processing company left town.

He helped with the recall effort of Sen. John Morse in Senate District 11, but this is Schlierf's first time as a candidate.

Paul Lundeen seems to have the clear path to replace term-limited Rep. Amy Stephens. Lundeen was the only Republican nominee Saturday and no other candidates from other parties had filed.

Lundeen is chair of the State Education Board.


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