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Army overhaul: ROTC turns old sergeants into new lieutenants

A small group of outstanding Soldiers accepted the challenge to become an officer in the US Army-Reserve when the 1st Mission Support Command (MSC) held the latest field board as a step for the next Direct Commissioned Board that will convene on next summer. 14 Dec 2012. The field board was conducted on the 1st MSC Headquarters at Fort Buchanan and for this time, five courageous Soldiers from different battalions were presented to the board. 1st MSC Human Resources Officer, Lt. Col. Paul E. Ortiz was the Chairman of the board. Other members of the board were Capt. Astrid Ruiz Adjutant for the 2nd Battalion 348th Regiment and Capt. Orlando Garcia, Adjutant for the 166th Regional Support Group. ?We are looking for experience, quality as individuals, Army Values? said Lt. Col. Ortiz. ?As an organization we do have a requirement to meet, we have fewer officers, especially junior officers? he added. Currently the 1st MSC has 57 vacancies for lieutenant positions. The command is required to have 99 and only 42 officers have been assigned to fill these positions. After a series of conversational situations were presented to the applicant for him or her to elaborate the members of the board evaluated their personal qualities and social skills that are required for an officer. For more information for this and others ways to become an officer contact your local Retention Office.