Colorado Springs police say four people were arrested after their officers were attacked during an investigation of a reported disturbance Saturday night.

Police were called to 2137 Delta Drive about 9:45 p.m. Saturday about a woman who was not breathing. Police say a man was standing over an apparently unconscious female with his fingers in her mouth when they arrived on scene.

When officers asked the man to back away from the woman, police say he threatened to kill the officers. As officers were detaining the man, the woman who had been lying on the floor got up and struck one of the officers in the ribs with a large object, according to police. She then attempted to hit the same officers in the head, but was stopped.

Meanwhile, neighbors came out of their home and began threatening officers, according to police. One woman came to the original address and threatened to kill the officers, police say. Another woman attempted to punch an officer in the head.

Three of the four arrested were charged with felonies and one with a misdemeanor.

One of the arrested women was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.