Fort Carson boss Brig. Gen. Michael Bills is headed to Texas to lead the 1st Cavalry Division and a replacement hasn't been announced.

Bills has served as the post's senior mission commander since June 24, acting as the Fort Carson's local leader while 4th Infantry Division commander Maj. Gen. Paul LaCamera and his headquarters is deployed to Afghanistan.

The move would be a promotion for Bills, who would pin on another star if the U.S. Senate confirms him.

It will also put Bills in Afghanistan later this year if the division deploys from Fort Hood as scheduled.

In his seven months at Fort Carson, Bills started to oversee reorganization of the post, including a Pentagon plan to eliminate one of the 4th Infantry Division's brigades and see another trade its tanks for eight-wheeled Stryker vehicles.

The Army hasn't announced who will replace Bills, who will take command of the 1st Cavalry in March.

Much could depend on when the 4th Infantry Division headquarters plans to send one of the two one-star generals it now has in Afghanistan home to Colorado Springs.

Bills' role at Fort Carson was designed as a temp job.

When the division and its generals deploy, the Army has brought in a one-star to administer the day-to-day operations of Fort Carson and serve as its courts-martial authority, a role which requires a general under Army rules.

It was the second brief stop at Fort Carson for Bills, who took command of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment at the post in 2006 and oversaw its move weeks later to Fort Hood.