Retirement didn't take for Mike Gould.

Just months after leaving the Air Force, where he most recently served as superintendent at the Air Force Academy, the lieutenant general was named to the 13-member College Football Playoff selection committee Wednesday.

Gould joins coaching mainstays Tom Osborne, Barry Alvarez and Tyrone Willingham, Hall of Famer Archie Manning and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in a group that includes coaches, players, administrators, sitting athletic directors and a journalist.

"Football's been my passion for many, many years," said Gould, who played at Air Force and served as a coach there for two years in the late 1970s. "I am absolutely honored to be part of this robust group and look forward to the things that we will be doing."

The task for the committee starting in 2014 will be to name the four teams that will participate in a two-round tournament to determine college football's national championship.

The group will meet about every other week in Dallas during the football season and will not be paid.

Term limits for those sitting on the committee have not been determined.

Gould was nominated by Craig Thompson, the commissioner of the Colorado Springs-based Mountain West Conference.

"The more I thought about it I got really excited," Gould said.

Gould's inclusion in the group, given his limited experience in a hands-on role in college football, has been scrutinized nationally along with that of Rice. The group as a whole has more than 230 years of experience in the game.

"Their role in this is central and integral to creating the team," committee chairman Jeff Long said of Gould and Rice. "They're both obviously people who have made decisions under scrutiny. They'll both be great committee members."

Rice joked that she has been under fire in the past and felt no added pressure in being the only woman in the group.

"I don't feel like I'm carrying a banner for anyone except those of us who love college football, and by the way that includes a lot of women, too," Rice said during a Wednesday conference call. "For me, this is about trying to get college football's playoff system right."

Gould's inclusion will not give Air Force an advantage should it climb into the sport's elite level. Gould would be removed from any discussion about the Falcons.

Air Force coach Troy Calhoun said Gould, who served as superintendent from 2009 through 2013, kept a distance from the program while in charge.

"His priority was the academy," Calhoun said.

The committee includes a former member of Congress, three members of the College Football Hall of Fame, a Rhodes Scholar, two Academic All-Americans and collectively holds 26 degrees of higher learning, including eight master's degrees, two law degrees and two doctoral degrees.


College Football Playoff selection committee

Jeff Long, vice chancellor and director of athletics, Arkansas

Barry Alvarez, director of athletics, Wisconsin

Lt. Gen. Mike Gould, former superintendent of the Air Force Academy

Pat Haden, director of athletics, USC

Tom Jernstedt, former NCAA executive vice president

Oliver Luck, director of athletics, West Virginia

Archie Manning, former Mississippi quarterback and all-pro NFL quarterback

Tom Osborne, former head coach and director of athletics, Nebraska

Dan Radakovich, director of athletics, Clemson

Condoleezza Rice, Stanford professor, former Stanford provost and former Secretary of State

Mike Tranghese, former commissioner of the Big East Conference

Steve Wieberg, former college football reporter, USA Today

Tyrone Willingham, former head coach of three FBS institutions