The Forest Service is on the hunt for saboteurs after dirt bikers found a homemade spike strip buried in a trail in the Rampart Range area in Douglas County.

Recreationists discovered the spike strip on May 5 in the Pike/San Isabel National Forest, according to a news release that provided few details.

"The device posed a significant public safety concern and U.S. Forest Service officials are asking for assistance from the public to provide any information they may have," according to the news release.

Forest service spokeswoman Barb Timock declined to say where the booby trap was found, citing an ongoing investigation.

According to an anonymous rider's email being circulated on, a dirt bike forum, the device was left on a recently built Skeleton Trail that joins with Long Hollow Trail in an area popular with dirt bikers near Sedalia.

The booby trap caused five flats on three bikes, and led a rider to suffer an ankle injury "in a fall due to a flat front tire," according to the unconfirmed report.

A picture circulated with the rider's report shows a welded wire with 2.5 inch spikes - more than enough to pierce a tire, foot or hoof.

"What if I was walking down that trail with my kids, and my 11 year-old son stepped on it?" asked Ryan Middleton, a salesman and race team manager at Big D Motor Sports in Woodland Park, who said he had seen reports of the booby trap circulated on

A rider brought the spike strip in to Fay Myers Motorcycle World in Greenwood Village. Store representatives said a parts manager captured a photograph that's been making the rounds on

Middleton said this isn't the first time he's heard of trails being sabotaged as part of land use battles.

"I've heard of spike strips, I've heard of wire being strung across trails. I've heard of all kinds of things about trying to sabotage trails and keep dirt bikers off of them."

Timock said she couldn't confirm reports of injuries, and hadn't received reports about any similar devices in the area.

Anyone with information about the spike strips is asked to call 303-275-5266 to leave a message on a Forest Service Law Enforcement Tip Line. Tipsters may be eligible for a cash reward.