A motel in northern Colorado Springs was evacuated Friday night after smoke was reported on two floors.

Colorado Springs firefighters responded to a call at about 9:15 p.m. at the Days Inn, 8350 Razorback Rd. There were no injuries as everyone was evacuated from the building.

Via radio scanner traffic, firefighters reported finding light smoke on the second and fourth floors of the motel but discovered no active blaze. One firefighter reported finding a damaged sprinkler pipe and some kind of other suspicious damage.

A supervisor then instructed the firefighter to "leave it as intact as you can. We have an investigator coming."

The entire scene was roped off with tape and by 9:50, firefighters were told they could work inside the building without breathing apparatus because the thin smoke had dissipated.

Before press time it was unknown how many guests had to be evacuated or where they would spend the night.