A paintball warehouse caught fire in central El Paso County Thursday afternoon, firefighters said,
Around 2:30 p.m.firefighters with the Falcon, Colorado Springs, Cimarron Hills and Peterson Air Force Base fire departments responded to reports of fire and explosions at 6160 Lakeshore Court, near Powers Boulevard and Waynoka Road, south of Constitution Avenue.

"There was about 20 minutes of significant fire showing from the building," Cimarron Hills fire chief Matt Love said.

Roughly 60 firefighters battled the three-alarm fire, which tore a hole through the side of the building.

According to a witness who works in a nearby building, aerosol cans could be heard exploding inside the building and he saw several of the pressurized cans shoot through the roof and the side of the building.

"They put holes through the building," said Love, adding that exploding cans contributed to growth of the fire and also kept firefighters from immediately accessing the inside of the building because of safety concerns.

A few employees inside the building at the time escaped without injuries. Love said the exertion of fighting the fire, paired with warm temperatures, caused a few firefighters to overheat, but otherwise, there were no firefighter injuries either.

The El Paso County Sheriff's office will be investigating the cause of the fire, he said.


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