The El Paso County Clerk’s Office on Friday released the finals result of the Sept. 10 recall election.

The certified result show that 9,131 voters supported recalling State Sen. John Morse and 8,812 opposed the recall. The “yes” votes accounted for 50.89 percent of all votes cast.

“The final results include an additional 76 ballots from military and overseas voters and 22 polling place provisional ballots that were counted after signatures were verified,” El Paso County Clerk Wayne Williams said. “The official results were certified by a bipartisan Canvas Board consisting of representatives from the Democratic and Republican Party.”

Not all votes cast for Morse’s replacement could be counted, Williams said.

“Votes for other individuals who did not register could not be legally counted. Examples of these invalid write-in votes range from votes cast for current and former local elected officials to fictitious characters like Harry Potter,” Williams said.