The celebrity mousers are doing just fine, thank you.

And soon they'll be going to new homes.

The cats in question, Stewie and Capone, have been the center of much attention because of their bad luck and subsequent rescues by two animal shelters. Their fans have been asking about them, sending donations for medical care, and vying to be their new owners.

Six-month-old Stewie survived an animal cruelty incident in Pueblo, where another household cat was strangled and drowned. The alleged abuser goes on trial in June.

Stewie has been under the care of a foster family for the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region for the last few weeks. He had surgery to correct a malformed esophagus and also was neutered.

Sixteen people filled out applications to take him home. Applicants will have a sort of background check by El Paso County Animal Law Enforcement, and a lottery will determine Stewie's new family.

"He's got a clean bill of health and is looking good. We are hoping to get him to a home by the end of the week," said Katie Borremans, Humane Society spokeswoman.

Meanwhile, in Divide at the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter, a half-dozen people have been interested in making Capone their pet. A Cascade resident found the American Curl cat with unusual ears in a snowstorm.

Capone had surgery to repair a broken leg, thanks to the generosity of those who heard of his plight.

Approximately $4,000 was donated for his medical care. Capone's vet bill was about $2,000, which leaves $2,000 for the shelter's emergency fund to help other animals, said director Mary Steinbeiser.

Surgical staples were removed from Capone's leg, and he is walking on it a bit. He needs about another week of recuperation and follow up X-rays before being ready for adoption.

Shelter officials have chosen a potential owner. "The response has been heartwarming," Steinbeiser said.


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