Fat bikes are rolling into Colorado Springs.

On Friday, the Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance announced "a new company headquarters that impacts our manufacturing and sports economy sectors," a press release said.

The Alliance didn't mention the name of the new company, but gave the address of the event, scheduled for Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. Signage on the building south of downtown Colorado Springs gave all indications that Fat Bike Company is the fledgling business preparing to make splash in the Pikes Peak region.

Steve Kaczmarek the co-owner of Fat Bike Company confirmed suspicions but would not reveal any details about the bicycle manufacturer until the official announcement.

"We're very excited to be here," Kaczmarek said. "We've got a major media event planned for Wednesday and the details are going to be very exciting."

Fat bikes are similar to other mountain bikes, except the tires are ballooned to larger sizes, up to four inches in diameter.

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According to the website fat-bike.com, the larger tires are designed for "all that air volume and the gigantic footprint that let you go in comfort and control where other bikes, and even people, have feared to tread."