A computer glitch in KKTV's connection with CBS caused viewers to miss about four minutes of the first quarter of Sunday's AFC championship game between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots.

"There's probably 30 computers that are all online that make the signal get to the airwaves. One of them crashed and there was no way to go around it," said KKTV general manager Nick Matesi. "It's one of those quirky things that you can't even prepare for, but our engineers got right on it and fixed it as fast as they could."

The game went off the air at 1:23 p.m. and the broadcast didn't resume for a little more than four minutes, Matesi said. He was watching the game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High when he was alerted to the situation.

"I got a text message and by the time I made a phone call to find out what was going on, we were back on the air," Matesi said. "I understand the frustration for the viewers, of course. Our folks in the newsroom said the phones started lighting up and so was our Facebook page."

Fans were not able to watch the game through cable or satellite subscriptions and they quickly vented their frustration on The Gazette's and KKTV's Facebook pages within minutes.

Viewers missed the Broncos' opening scoring drive that was capped by Matt Prater's 27-yard field goal with 3:43 left in the first quarter.

"I certainly apologize to everyone who was watching the game. I get it, it's a huge game and it shouldn't have happened, but it did and we fixed it," Matesi said.