Author W. Thomas Richards shares his view on turning desires into realities in "God's Big Secret: You are Designed to Succeed."

Always fortunate in life, Richards realized that it wasn't luck, but God who was responsible for his happiness. And he believes that every person is designed with the power to achieve that same level of happiness - if they simply believe they own that power.

"When you desire something, a desire is the same as a prayer," the 77-year-old said. "When you desire something, you just sit back and wait, and pretty soon it happens."

Richards served in the military and worked for United Airlines, allowing him the opportunity to travel to more than 70 countries. Rio de Janeiro and Australia are his favorite destinations, but the mountains, community and scenery of Colorado always bring him back home to Sedalia.

Growing up on a farm in Valverde, Richards was raised a Catholic. His mother made him attend church every Sunday and serve mass with the priest. Though resistant to religious life as a child, he now fully embraces God.

"I just know that anyone who wants to have a very exciting life, they all have the power they need right in their mind," he said. "God lives in the heart."