I have wondered about the super bright object in the western sky.  Is it just a star or the International Space Station.  It seems closer and brighter than the stars, but friends and family say I am hallucinating when I guess that it isn’t a star, but the ISP.

ANSWER:  Hum along with us, E.T. (her real initials!), the old Frankie Avalon song, “Venus, oh Venus ...”

KOAA meteorologist Craig Eliot, who was in Pueblo when I called, said “I think you’re seeing Venus in the west right now. Venus is unbelievably bright.”

Because it’s darker, longer in January, you might also see four other planets during the month as well as the Sirius “Dog Star,” which changes colors.

The other visible planets are Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Venus and Jupiter are the brightest, after the sun and moon.

Watch for Venus at dusk and in the early evening and you’ll spot it higher in the sky after January. We spotted Venus as we were looking straight west right above the mountains.

For those interested, there are several star-gazing clubs in our area, Eliot said.