New details are emerging in the investigation into the murder of Colorado prisons director Tom Clements that indicate parolee Evan Ebel didn't act alone and that nearly two dozen people were targeted.

• A federal official who had no dealings with Ebel said he was named on a hit list found in Ebel's black Cadillac DeVille two days after Clements was killed on March 19, 2013.

• Another government official said Ebel's hit list contained the names of more than 20 officials — far higher than previously known.

• That same source said one official on the hit list is concerned about the lack of information coming from the El Paso County Sheriff's Department, the lead investigative agency in the Clements case.

Those whose names appeared on the hit list remain fearful a year later because of a mystery that Ebel, a parolee who was killed in a shootout with Texas authorities on March 21, 2013, can't answer. Did Ebel act alone, on behalf of a prison gang "shot caller" or at the behest of someone else?

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