ERIC DECKER, who has departed our state

In November, I spent a day shopping with a friend who wanted to buy an Eric Decker jersey for her niece. And when I say I spent a day, I mean I spent a day. We searched through shops throughout Denver. All sold out of Decker jerseys. (Women, for some reason, bought a lot of Decker jerseys.) We finally found a Decker jersey at Park Meadows Mall.

Last week, I was in downtown Denver for the Rockies opener.

And saw a rack filled with Eric Decker jerseys. These were the top-of-the-line jerseys with an original price tag of $130.

All marked down to $34.95.

When you buy a jersey, you take a risk. I purchased a Clinton Portis jersey for  my son several years ago.

Portis was traded the next week.