DENVER - Sen. Angela Giron on Monday became the second Democratic senator who will face a recall election in coming months after enough signatures were deemed valid to put her on the ballot.

Giron, D-Pueblo, was targeted for recall along with Senate President John Morse, D-Colorado Springs, after both voted in favor of gun legislation that restricted magazine sizes and required background checks on gun sales.

The secretary of state's office combed through the 13,466 signatures turned in to oust Giron from office and found that only 818 were invalid. Signatures can be thrown out if the person is not registered to vote or doesn't live in Giron's Senate District 3.

Those trying to recall Giron needed 11,285 valid signatures - and 12,648 of those gathered were.

Giron has 15 days to challenge the signatures and the petition.

Morse, who is facing a recall after 10,137 signatures were found valid, has challenged whether the petition was properly worded to comply with state recall election law. That challenge is scheduled to be heard Thursday and any decision there can be appealed to District Court.

If either politician goes to ballot for recall, voters will be asked whether they should be removed from office and if so, who should replace them.

Two candidates have said they intend to get on the ballot to challenge Morse.

The drive against Giron was thought less likely to succeed than Morse's challenge because so few signatures were turned in over the required threshold. But while more than 6,000 signatures were thrown out for Morse, fewer than 900 were invalid in the Giron petition drive.