The El Paso County Commissioners will make about $645,000 available for Black Forest fire costs and recovery.

Commissioners took up the emergency appropriation Tuesday, and will formally approve the funds at their regular meeting Thursday.

Sources for the funds include the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department, the county's General Fund Restricted Fund Balance and the Self Insurance Fund/Risk Management Reserve.

"We knew the funds were there, and so it's just a matter of, 'Let's do the paperwork and make it happen so they are available,'" said Dennis Hisey, board chairman.

The commissioners will approve three resolutions to make it official.

The first is for a $200,000 donation from the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department to the county that will be earmarked for fire recovery.

A second resolution will approve an emergency appropriation of $193,329 from the General Fund Restricted Fund Balance, and the third is an emergency appropriation of $250,000 from the county's Self Insurance Fund.

In all, $643,329 will be available.

"Most of it is not going to a specific line item," Hisey said. "It will be available to use as we need on the fire. We can direct it where we need it."

The commissioners Thursday will also recognize the National Incident Management Team for its role in fighting the Black Forest fire.