The state's new print-on-demand license plate program arrived in El Paso County this week.

County residents can purchase specialty plates - including those with the colors of favorite sports teams, colleges and other organizations - then wait at home for the prize to come in the mail.

"It's really a better, controlled inventory," said Kyle Boyd, a spokesman for the Colorado Department of Revenue, noting that the new program is expected to save money.

Boyd said there will be no added fees to pay for postage on the custom plates. He said the state previously had many plates that were produced before the purchase "sitting at different county clerks' offices for a long time collecting dust." The reduced production costs will make up for any added mailing expenses, Boyd said.

Boyd said specialty plates cost $50 plus other qualified fees depending on the type of plate purchased.

El Paso is one of 15 counties that made the print-on-demand plates available Monday. The program began in late March with Boulder, Garfield and Larimer counties serving as the test areas "to ensure the program is deployed efficiently," an El Paso County news release said. Eighteen more counties were added April 21-25. The rest of the state will join the program in May.

According to the Department of Revenue website, print-on-demand specialty plates make up 13.25 percent of license plates issued each year in Colorado.