On a recent trip to Dairy Queen, I bought a Chocolate Xtreme Blizzard (nothing new), served in a waffle cone (that's big news).

Here's the blueprint: DQ's iconic vanilla soft serve laced with chewy chocolate brownie pieces, chocolate candy chunks and cocoa fudge ripple, served in a freshly made waffle cone.

Dairy Queen announced this newfangled way to serve a Blizzard - in a cone instead of a cup - in conjunction with its latest Flavor of the Month concoction: Confetti Cake. That's vanilla soft serve spiked with pieces of white cake and icing. "Confetti Cake" is a weird name. Somebody must have gotten dibs on "Birthday Cake" ice cream. I'm smelling Baskin-Robbins.

While DQ is pushing Confetti Cake in a waffle cone, you can get any Blizzard flavor in a freshly made cone. If you want a waffle cone that's dipped in chocolate, add 30 cents, plus 130 calories and 8.5 fat grams. It's worth it ... and so are you.

Customers can ask for "extra stuff" (the mix-ins) in their Blizzard for 69 cents more. What I do is ask for extra "extra stuff" - that's three times the regular amount of brownie pieces, chocolate chunks and cocoa fudge ripple. And I go with the chocolate-dipped cone. I know, it's a desperate cry for help. Now my $3.39 Chocolate Xtreme Blizzard has jumped the $5 barrier.

Blizzards come in four sizes: mini, small, medium and "how many spoons would you like?" The amount served in a Waffle Cone Blizzard is mini.

Dairy Queen introduced the Blizzard - vanilla soft serve swirled with candy, fruit and/or nuts - in 1985. It's the best-selling treat on the menu. They're so thick that every DQ Blizzard is turned upside down before it's forked over (with a spoon) to the customer. The No. 1 Blizzard is Oreo Cookie.