Last year, KFC introduced Original Recipe Boneless, a fillet of chicken dunked in the Colonel's blend of 11 secret herbs and spices, and pressure-fried to a soft mush. You remember those asinine commercials: "I ate the bones!" I wasn't knocked out by the product, or the push.

Now it's Extra Crispy Boneless to the rescue.

Here's the blueprint: a boneless slab of either white- or dark-meat chicken, dredged in lightly seasoned flour and deep fried. The white-meat fillet is the same price but a little lighter on its feet - only 200 calories and 8 fat grams.

Ask yourself two questions: Extra Crispy Boneless or Original Recipe Boneless? White or dark meat? The smart plays are Extra Crispy Boneless and definitely dark meat. You're eating fried either way, so white meat isn't your escape hatch from guilt.

I tried both white and dark Extra Crispy Boneless. The white-meat fillet was surprisingly tender. The Extra Crispy Boneless dark-meat fillet was super-juicy and delicious - really good stuff, KFC! The breading was glistening and crispy. I definitely heard every bite; fried chicken should make some noise. I was lucky, though - I caught a batch of chicken right from the fryer.

KFC's Extra Crispy Boneless is also available as a 2 Piece Combo, with two pieces of chicken, one side, a biscuit and a soft drink for $4.99. Or try the 10 Piece Favorites Bucket for $12.99. The 10 Piece Favorites Bucket lets you mix and match Boneless with Original Recipe, bone-in and grilled. Just as long as it adds up to 10 pieces - just chicken.

So what's the difference between KFC's Extra Crispy Boneless and KFC's Extra Crispy Tenders? Far as I can tell, Extra Crispy Boneless pieces are larger than tenders. And you know our motto in the drive-thru: Less is not more. More is more.