Hooters is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and the first Hooters was in the beach town of Clearwater, Fla. - so it's back to the beach with an array of seafood dishes, including Cajun shrimp, snow crab legs, Drunken Shrimp and Drunken Mussels.

The big fish in the pond is the Blackened Mahi Sandwich, and this is the best thing I've eaten at Hooters. Here's the blueprint: a slab of grilled mahi-mahi, house-made coleslaw, sliced tomatoes and spicy remoulade on a brioche bun.

It starts with a thick hunk of center-cut mahi-mahi, which is a terrific, meaty fish for sandwiches. You're getting a full 8-ounce boneless piece of fish. It's a big catch. The mahi is spiced and seared on a hot flat-top grill. You can ask them to hold the blackening spice. Then it's topped with creamy coleslaw, sliced tomato and a startling remoulade.

There's a ton of flavor and texture in this massive sandwich. And yet there's only 435 calories and 5 fat grams. I believe I've found the Holy Grail of filling up without filling out.

The sandwich comes with Hooters' traditional curly fries or new Big Dippers, which are steak fries with built-in grooves so you can dip them in ranch sauce and ruin all the good work you've done eating a somewhat low-calorie, low-fat lunch.

The Blackened Mahi Sandwich is a limited-time-only special.