The Rodeo Burger is part of Burger King's rebranded value board, now called "King Deals," with 20 cheap eats available through breakfast, lunch and dinner ... and those midnight runs when your car pulls into the drive-thru on autopilot.

As a fast-food reviewer, I appreciate Burger King's constant revolving door of innovative sandwiches using a beef patty. The King has introduced more products than the "As Seen On TV" company. The only difference? You really do need a Rodeo Burger.

Here's the blueprint: a single flame-grilled patty (BK's small burger), three french-fried onion rings and a shot of sweet BBQ sauce on a toasted sesame-seed bun. So elegant in its simplicity.

Burger King has a companion Crispy Chicken Rodeo Sandwich on the "King Deals" menu. This one sports a deep-fried, breaded, white-meat chicken patty instead of the burger, also for a buck. The burger is your smart play.

The Rodeo Burger is a stripped-down version of my old BK fave, the Rodeo Cheeseburger, which had the same build as the new Rodeo Burger - just add a slice of cheese and 50 cents. I'll tell you, whichever genius in product development cut the cheese, that's fine with me. I don't miss it. Dollar for dollar, I like the Rodeo Burger more. This is my go-to cheap burger now.

It's kind of strange to find a burger without cheese in the drive-thru. It's like seeing a photo of Kim Kardashian without makeup on "TMZ." Yeow! Put the bun back on!

If you can't do a burger without cheese, just ask. They'll throw on a slice of American for 35 to 50 cents more. And if the person behind the counter thinks you're cute, you might get an extra onion ring on your Rodeo Burger, free of charge. It's never happened to me, but I hear things.

The Rodeo Burger has a lot of good going on. Last year, BK created the French Fry Burger, which was the Rodeo Burger with a few fries instead of onion rings. Now, tell me, how many times better are onion rings than fries? Like, a million? I don't know how fries have gotten as far as they have.

I'm a good BBQ-sauce guesser, and I can taste Sweet Baby Ray's sauce blindfolded. Excellent choice, BK. That's the stuff I get in the supermarket. We love familiar brands in the drive-thru. Not a fan of the 100-gallon tank of mayonnaise with no label.

The onion rings add crunchy "mouth feel" to the Rodeo Burger. When you're doing the low-carb thing, and you're tired of tossing the bun and eating plain beef patties, these onion rings save the day. The o-rings are an excused carb cheat.