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Dr. PhoneFix is providing phone repair that cares in Colorado Springs

May 7, 2018
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"What other device in our lives do we treat as badly as we treat these computers?” asks Kevin Howard, Owner of Dr. PhoneFix, pointing at his phone.

Anyone would have to admit that’s a tough question to answer.

Howard goes on to tell the story of how an everyday mishap inspired him to open Dr. PhoneFix. After attending a local business event at the Broadmoor last year he, “was standing out front, and somebody flew by me and knocked my phone out of my hand with their briefcase. It landed right underneath a cowboy stepping out of a truck, and he stepped right in the middle of it."

Due to the high cost of a new phone and his preference for the model he owned, he lived with the cracked screen for several months. But, during a business trip he finally relented and took it to a quality repair facility where he had a very positive experience.

When he returned from his trip he looked for a similar repair facility locally, but couldn’t find one. That hatched an idea. After researching several franchise opportunities, he decided that Dr. PhoneFix had the qualities he was looking for and, most importantly, he liked their focus on the customer — not just the bottom line.

Says Howard, "We do a lot of education here. We have people that come in who have no clue how their phones actually operate. We'll help them set up their Google Drive account. It's value-added. I'm really dismayed at the quality of service in so many industries today."

He adds, "We've got customers in their 60s coming in, they've got a hot-rod phone, and it drives them nuts. We're thrilled for people to come in and just ask questions."

Howard recalls a time when an older adult came into the store, and didn’t realize that all the pictures of her grandchildren and other cherished moments on her phone had not been backed up. She was shaken to learn that the pictures could be so easily lost. The store’s technicians showed her how to back them up to iTunes, and she was extremely grateful. It’s a moment he’s proud of.

Howard realizes that there are other phone repair entities out there, but he feels it’s the quality and first-class experience customers get with Dr. PhoneFix that separates them from competitors.

"There are going to be people who watch [a phone repair] video on YouTube and actually are pretty good at it — but where are they going to be tomorrow? We warranty our products and services for the life of that device. If our component fails, or our repair fails, it's our time and our dime. I want the customer to walk in and see a legitimate brand, with people who know how to talk to them, not down to them."

Dr. PhoneFix also repairs all tablet computers, laptops and other computers. Their slogan is, “We fix anything with a button.” They sell device accessories, as well.

Howard lists the benefits customers can expect with Dr. PhoneFix.

  • Warranty: Parts and labor for the lifetime of your device
  • Certification: Technicians educated through grueling curriculum
  • Speed: Most repairs take only 30-45 minutes
  • Privacy: They will not go into any of your galleries, files, or contact lists
  • Convenience: They have recently launched a mobile repair business
  • Quality satisfaction: They currently have a 5-star Google rating

Howard emphasizes that many mobile phone owners think they have to go back to the carrier store where they purchased their phone to utilize insurance for their repairs, but that’s actually not the case. "There are people who have insurance on their phones, so they go back to their carrier store to use their insurance, and then their phone goes away and they get a refurbished one in the mail. If their information isn't backed up, it's gone forever. People also think they’ll get free phone, but a [typical] $250 to $350 deductible is a lot of money. A lot of times we're able to beat that, especially with iPhones — those deductibles can be quite hefty."

That’s why Howard feels that Dr. PhoneFix is also a great solution for younger adults who are already dealing with punishingly high rent costs combined with lower wages. Oftentimes, upgrading to a replacement through a carrier is more than they can afford.

"Maybe they're eligible for a trade-in — well, the carrier stores do not take broken phones. If I want to trade this thing in and it's got a cracked screen … well, no. You don't have to go back to your carrier store. We’re here to give you an honest appraisal of what it'll take to get your device up and running,” says Howard.

Dr. PhoneFix also accommodates commercial clients, and Howard offers an example of their contract with a property management group: “They've got 50 devices out in the field, and these things have to be functional at all times.” Employees can just bring in their problematic device, and Dr. PhoneFix will provide priority service to get them back to work. In fact, Howard encourages any interested businesses to contact them, “Construction companies, landscaping companies, people who do estimates, any businesses out there who have multiple devices in the field."

"We fully realize that peoples’ phones contain their lives. Our genuine interest is in the well-being of our customers. I saw a need for a top-quality, honest repair facility, and that's what we have here. We've only been open a few months, but our Google reviews are stellar and I won't accept anything less.”

For more information, call Dr. PhoneFix at 719-466-4824; visit them at 3604 E Austin Bluffs Parkway Suite 120, Colorado Springs, CO, 80918, Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Sunday 12 to 5 p.m.; or find them online at: or

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